Sherri Anders

A wild but caring person

My mother

A mother of 4. Sherri Anders use to be a dancer for the calico wild bunch. She has 1 son and 3 beautiful daughters. Sherri was born in Michigan but moved to California when she was 2.She was raised in California. Sherri was married when she was 20 and had 2 kids. Her son and her first daughter Rebeca. Her middle name is lyn. She was and still is an active person. When she was younger she was in cheer and dance.

A lesson she learned

Not to drop out and marry someone at a young age

When Sherri was 20 she married,And had 2 kids. Rebecca and Timothy. She was not happy being married. When she was 32 she moved to vegas and had another kid named Micaila. Then when she was 40 she had me. She learned that even if it seems as if it's good a idea then it isn't until you think it through.

Hailee Brandon

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