Internet safety

Internet safety for kids

The internet

Read every email they send or receive

See every Instant Message or Chat they participate in (both sides of the conversation)

See every webpage they visit and how long they stay there

The tips for the internet

  • Websites for children are not permitted to request personal information without a parent's permission. Talk to children about what personal information is and why you should never give it to people online.
  • If children use chat or e-mail, talk to them about never meeting in person with anyone they first "met" online.
  • Talk to children about not responding to offensive or dangerous e-mail, chat, or other communications. Report any such communication to local law enforcement. Do not delete the offensive or dangerous e-mail; turn off the monitor, and contact local law enforcement.
  • Keep the computer in the family room or another open area of your home.
  • Internet safety

    Internet safety


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