What is a Computer?

By Robert Davies

The Birth of Computers

In 1936 Alan Turing dreamt & developed up a thinking machine. He hoped that it would be useful and help the war. He called it an imagination machine. It read symbols and processed them using tables of functions. It then outputted different symbols During the war he worked on code breaking machines. After the war he worked on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The World Wide Web - Tim Bernes-Lee

Tim Bernes-Lee invented the WWW as we know it today in 1980’s
WWW - World Wide Web
Rules for the WWW
  • Every bit of information to have an address
  • Computers to follow a standard protocol
  • Common language
It is also free for everyone

What is a Computer

A computer is a machine which needs power and runs on numbers and it needs your input to do things. Once you are a part of the internet then you can transfer data across the globe.

Major Components