Wax to Crayons

By: Daisy


Have you ever wondered how that Crayola crayon got to your hand? Then your at the right place! Learn how a crayon is made, labeled, boxed, and sold in this article!


Wax is made from paraffin and other ingredients. Then they color it. It drys, then it smoothes.


A blend of pigments and other ingredients makes the liquid. They color it before it is done and ready. When it drys, the wax crayon gets labeled, then boxed.


The crayon get shipped to the store or place. They sell them now.

Fun Facts

Did you know that more than 1 billon crayons are made with solar energy? All the things i am about to tell you are all true! 100% of regular sized crayons are made in eastern Pennsylvania! 3 billion+ crayons are made every year!! 85 hundred+ crayons are made per minute!


I hope you liked this article a lot!
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