November 16~20, 2015

Coker Cubs Weekly News

Coker Mission--Every Child, Every Day

We support and foster a positive community of successful, life-long learners and leaders by meeting the needs of every individual while challenging each one to reach full potential.

Religious Holidays

As a nation we are becoming more diverse and international-
  1. Cultural differences
  2. Religious differences

As educators we must not only be sensitive to these issues, but also aware as to what is legal and what is illegal in this area- Religious Holidays

  1. There is a difference between teaching about a religious holiday and celebrating a particular holiday.

  2. The goal should be for students to develop an understanding and respect for differences in beliefs.
  3. Religious holidays cannot be used to inject an administrator or teachers’ personal religious beliefs.
  4. Courts have held that schools may celebrate only those holidays with both a religious and secular basis.
  5. Religious symbols can be displayed only temporarily as part of a secular program.

Arrival and Dismissal-Reminders

Teachers: Please copy and paste to add this information to your parent communications.


As stated in the NEISD Student Handbook: “Parents/Guardians are asked to help students learn to value education and understand the importance of arriving at school on time and ready to learn.” Students should be in the building by 7:30 am in order to arrive promptly in their classrooms before the tardy bell at 7:40 a.m. After 7:40 am students are considered tardy. Students must be accompanied by an adult and signed in through the front office upon arrival.

Dismissal Changes

Any changes in a student’s dismissal plan must be submitted in writing. For advanced notice, please send a note to the teacher with your child. For same day changes, please email your student(s) teacher and copy the office at Changes must be submitted by 1:45 pm.

Early Pick-Up

In order to minimize disruption to the instructional day, we urge you to limit picking up students early. Whenever possible, please make necessary appointments outside of school hours. If a student must be picked up early, parents are asked to do so prior to 2:15 pm. Students may not be signed out from 2:15 pm until the dismissal bell at 2:40 pm.


Staff members need to put in absences and secure substitutes in a timely manner. If there is a professional development day or training, please find a sub or enter the absence into SmartFind as soon as possible (do not wait until the evening prior to the absence). Substitutes can be secured up to 100 days before the absence. Personal illnesses do not fall under these guidelines. However, if you do know of an appointment, please enter your absence in a timely manner to maintain campus efficiency.

Monday - 11/16

General & SpEd IA meeting

Admin PD - Chavez (AM)

Admin PD - Gill (PM)

Robotics Club


Cheer Class

Tuesday - 11/17

5th grade Science Benchmark

Beary Good Habits Lunch - 3rd Grade & Kinder

Coker CIA Rehearsal

Bookkeepers Meeting AM (Perez)

PTA Council Meeting AM (Gill)

Art Class


Willie's Night

Wednesday - 11/18


Spanish Spelling Bee

Beary Good Habits Lunch - 1st & 2nd

Visitor - Anetik Outdoor Wear in Teacher Workroom

Action Committee Meeting

Faculty Meeting

New Staff Meeting

Bricks4Kids Class

Thursday - 11/19

College Spirit Day


Coker CIA Rehearsal

Leader in Me Cluster Coaching

Beary Good Habits Lunch - 4th & 5th

4th Grade GT Field Trip


Dance Class

SpEd Meeting

Friday - 11/20 (A day)

PTA Disbursement Orders Due

PTA Pie Giveaway

Beary Good Habits Awards

Leadership Team Meeting

4th Grade Field Trip - Peter and the Wolf Concert

PLC - 3rd Grade

Student Council Meeting

Chess Class

Happy Thanksgiving! Break 11/23-11/27

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