Pyramid Scheme!!!

By: Crystal Hodge

Behind the scam

Hinting in the title this about the scam and how it works. People build on a "business" selling products and bringing people in. They get recruiters and pay money in to bring people in to bring in the money. They keep starting this process over and over again building the scheme. In doing this sometimes bringing in the money gets harder to do and it collapses.
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Targeting! and Harmful!

Targets everyone. They put out ads everywhere to drag in new participants and get through investors to make it look like a business. But in all its harmful. When your part of the scheme and it crashes and everyone loses money.


This scam in every way is believable. They build it up to look like a business,with advertisements every where to make you want to invest in it. The average person could fall for this because of the way they advertise it every where. They rely on people willing to pay for it.This usually relies on desperation to make money and not let the pyramid fall.