All About Me

by:brielle d-marsden

I love to dance

I started going to dance classes when I was six,and I toke hip-hop,jazz,ballet,and tap.I stopped doing dance last year but ive been dancing for 8 years. when ever a song comes on i have to dance lol ;)

Things i love!<3

I love justin bieber!

I am a major belieber I went to his concert in Philly on Nov. ,04, 2012. Ive been a fan of him since he was on you tube! I love everything about him hes so talented and really cute!


Music is my life! I listen to it everyday! it helps put me me in a better mood when I listen to it! I love music! I could do anything when music is playing!


I love Jamaica. I go to jamaica once a year with my entire family. What I love about jamaica is the people there, the weather, the food, the activities, to sum it up I love everything about jamaica! I cant wait to go back!


I love puppys they are the cutest! i like holding the puppies, because I can hold my dog hes to fat. I want a puppy but Im not aloud to get one ugh.