My Amazingly Amazing Budget Report

By the one and only Kunj Vaghani

My Car

It is a Ford Econoline 2014. It is a White van (Whenever I write this, I think about that stupiii... I mean unpleasant trend. Dang Daniel. I can't use the other word cause Ms. Croy thinks that is a bad word). This car also also allows me to transport dead bodies with its roominess. It is also R.A.A.P. Availability (WWhat does that mean. I should search that up... okay it is apart of some Rebuild America Auto Program.) I pay $202 a month, and it costs $12,120 in total.

My House

I live in a Apartment called the Gateway to Hartsfield. It has 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. it is approximately 1050 squared feet. They have water in a huge tube called a "Swimming Pool". They also have a fitness room if I feel sad about being fat after I eat 1 Twinkies. It cost $118,020 to own ,but $843 per month. Plus they have CEILING FANS!!!!!!!!

My cat

He is a magnificent cat named Nicolas Cage. His is a majestic cat who weighs 100 pounds. I think he like cat nibbles little too much. He also has a rare disease that makes him have deformed face. He has been caught many times trying to join a group of Neo-Nazis.

My wife

My beloved wife's name is Nicolas Cage. She is a stunning beauty who often models for magazines. They just can't have enough of her face. We married on June 6th, 2006 (6/6/'06). She brings in about $1250

My child

My annoying brat's name is Nicolas Cage. He is 2 years old and still doesn't do anything. He can't count to a 1000, so I put that Ankle-Bitter in Day-Care. So in conclusion, I love him to death.

My Bill

Dental care is $20.00, and health insurance is $200.00. Another $1259.99 in Income taxes.

Grocery List

This was the worst experience of my life. I had the most undesirable experience of buying stuff that didn't make stuff like why does my baby need diapers when it is old enough to go to some "academy". Where is the logic? Well, It's probably hidding right next to the unicorn.