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Brittany Bowe's Bio

Brittany Bowe is one of our great Speed Skating girls. Brittany have been in it to win it, she is very determined to get to the goals that she wants to accomplish. Brittany has set a World record for America several of times. Best one 1:12.58, 28.2. She is very determined while skating.

Born February 24,1988

Age 25

From United states

More Information About Brittany

Speed skating, or speedskating, is a competitive form of ice skating in which the competitors race each other in traveling a certain distance on skates. Types of speed skating are long track speed skating, short track speed skating, and marathon speed skating. In the Olympic Games, long-track speed skating is usually referred to as just "speed skating", while short-track speed skating is known as "short track".The ISU, the governing body of both ice sports, refers to long track as "speed skating" and short track as "short track skating".

Ever looked for someone who sets world records? Here's One!!!!!!!

American Brittany Bowe sets WR in 1000m - Universal Sports