Science Second

6 Things you need to know and can share with others.

September 29, 2017

1. Teacher Survey on Resources

The Bossier Arts Council is collecting teacher input to share with local officials and administrators at the NLA Education Summit on October 17. Please take this anonymous survey to help us gather data about which resources teachers want in their classrooms. One survey respondent will be randomly selected to win a prize courtesy of the Cyber Innovation Center!

Teacher Survey Link:

2. LSTA Award Nominations

The LSTA Science Education Awards are presented by the Louisiana Science Teachers Association, an affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association. The LSTA Awards include Outstanding Science Teacher of the Year, Essie Beck "Rising Star" Science Education Award, LSTA Travel Grants and more! Check out the Caddo Science's Grants page for other funding opportunities!

3. Ada Twist Scientist Giveaway

Ada Marie Twist is an inquisitive second grader and a born scientist. She possesses a keen yet peculiar need to question everything she encounters, whether it be a tick-tocking clock, a pointy-stemmed rose, or the hairs in her dad's nose. Ada's parents and her teacher, Miss Greer, have their hands full as the child's science experiments wreak day-to-day havoc. On the first day of spring, the title character is tinkering outside her home when she notices an unpleasant odor. She sets out to discover what might have caused it.

This is a great book to read aloud to students in science as you discuss the practices of scientists.

I'm giving this book away to 4 lucky Caddo educators. Learn more here. Deadline: Monday, October 2

4. Mystery Science Free Year

Mystery Science is having its annual free year sign-up:

5. Phenomena: Antacid

As Nikki was preparing to leave for school, her stomach started feeling funny. Since Alka Seltzer usually makes her stomach feel better, she dropped two tablets into her plastic water bottle, tightened the lid then hurried to the bus stop. When she sat down on the bus, the water bottle's cap burst open and seltzer water gushed onto Nikki and other students who were sitting nearby.

Below are some high-level lines of inquiry that could help facilitate upper elementary students' understanding of physical science disciplinary core ideas (DCIs) related to this phenomenon.

  • What changes occurred inside the water bottle as Nikki hurried to the bus stop?
  • What changes forced the water bottle's lid to burst open?
Why do antacid tablets react differently when put into water? What happens to the tablets?



Kimberly Lobit is the Education Manager at theShreveport Aquarium. She earned her BA in Early Childhood Education and has developed education programs at the Smithsonian, 4-H environmental education centers, museums and wildlife preserves. Kimberly is beyond ecstatic to teach kids and adults about the wonders of the ocean. Any information shared with the Shreveport Aquarium will be held in strict confidence and only used to provide Aquarium updates.


The LDOE’s Assessment Calendar for 2017-2018 has been posted. The 3-8 science assessment will be a field test this year. The testing date(s) have not been announced yet. Please see the assessment calendar for more information: As soon as I know have more information, I will share it with you.