An Interview With Ms. Dedra Wolff

By Destiny Lashaye Polk

History of the Wolff

Coach Wolff has an Bachelors of Science in education at UMHB (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor) and is a certified teacher in biology. She teaches Biology for ninth grade students and is a pretty good volleyball coach.

She decided to teach Biology because she loves the subject and it's never a dull moment while teaching the class. She doesn't like working alone so she works with the other science teachers so they rub ideas off each other. She is planning on continuing her education to get her Masters but doesn't want to be a principal "because it's too much work".

Some of her challenges of being a teacher is the high number of students she has a school year and the requirements that the principals and higher education authorities have for her to teach to my fellow peers. She puts in eight hours a week for her lessons with the help of the other certified science teachers. She says on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) ten would be how much self-motivation is needed to be a teacher. The biggest reward from teaching for her is seeing her students have the "AH HA" moment when they truly understand what she is teaching. If she could change the class she teaches, she would want to teach AG because the class has to do with animals and pretty close to one of the units in biology.

Coach Wolff would walk around the classroom to make sure that you are on task and doing the work that she has assigned. She would never leave anybody behind. She'll take the time for everyone to catch up and be on the same level. She makes time for any questions a student would have. When I observed her fifth period class, the students helped one other so that they have two points of view instead of just Coach Wolff's understanding. They took notes as a class and paused for each slide for examples and questions. When a student is done with their work Coach Wolff would proof read and make sure s/he is really done with their work. She teaches Pre-Ap different from regular biology. Pre-Ap biology is more complex, more projects and more restricted notes. Even though they are taught differently, they get the same exact lesson and the same idea of the unit being taught.

Her class room is embellished with educational, scientific posters, pictures, and diagrams. Her class is very organized, has place for the students to keep their interactive notebooks (science journal) and a well planned out weekly agenda for student and observers to go off of.

Coach Wolff is an excellent teacher, she helped me learn a lot about biology and all the words I needed to know to move on and become a wonderful student in Pre-Ap Chemistry. If you have her as a teacher, you will never forget who she is and what she taught because she tak e time and breaks it down if you truly don't understand what she's teaching. She's just not a excellent teacher but now a good mentor, friend and role model and I'm proud to be the student that she misses and encourages and supports to be the best student. "I'll be smiling from ear to ear to see you walk across those two stages in 2018 and 2022".

About Coach Wolff

  • Her favorite candy is M&Ms
  • Doesn't get frustrated when things are getting tough and hard to handle
  • She makes sure that the students have worked together to solve an issue before asking her
  • She works 8 hours per week plus coaching volleyball
  • She's very interested in animals and adventurous
  • She feels like she needs to motivate herself for teaching biology
  • Loves teaching and educating students to where they for sure can comprehend what she taught throughout the school year