EdTech Cadre Update

Keeping the Connected Educator Connected

Last week of the cadre...

We are winding down! Hopefully you saw the email that our final meeting will be on May 10th at 3:30 at North Campus.

How has your journey been? What will be your next steps?


There are a number of new badges available for you in the EdTech Cadre group on Badgelist. I tried to target some of the apps and programs that we've highlighted in this newsletter over the course of the cadre. Did you see something that you were intrigued by? Wanted more information? Perhaps you gave something a try and are ready to register for a badge? Check it out! Badges are set up so that you can enter your documentation directly into Badgelist. Of course you can always contact me via email as well. If you'd like support in completing a badge let me know!


Keep an eye on East Bay CUE this summer...they are planning a Google Apps for Education summit to be held at Carondelet in early July. There will also be an EdCamp the following day. If you have never attended an EdCamp and you have a chance to go...I recommend it highly! Teachers arrive and submit what they would most like to talk about during the day. Organizers group similar ideas and create the session board on the spot! There are no formal presenters...just teachers getting together to talk, share, and question on the topics they most want to discuss!

GAFE Summits

This summer there will be two, two day summits (July 23-24 and July 30-31) offered in Mountain View for Google Apps for Education. Sessions are presented by Google Certified teachers and trainers highlighting topics for educators grades K-12. If you have the opportunity to go it is well worth the time. For more information click here for more information.