The Gilded Age

BY: Dana Witherill

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Andrew Carnegie

Who: Andrew Carnegie thought they would soon use steel for railroads instead of iron so he went into the steel business.

What: He was one of the wealthiest people during the 19th century. And he owned Carnegie steel corp.

Where: His steel company was located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area .

When: The Carnegie steel company was formed in 1892.

Why: Andrew Carnegie was important because he founded Carnegie steel company and we still use steel today on bridges and sky scrappers.

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Thomas A.Edison

Who: Thomas Edison was an inventor during the gilded age. He is best know for inventing the light bulb.

What: The light bulb was one of his around 1,000 inventions.


Where: He was born in Milan, Ohio and died in West Orange, New Jersey.

When: In 1896, Thomas Edison became the 1st to project a motion picture , it was at Hoster and Bials Music Hall in N.Y.C.

Why: Thomas Edison was important because his inventions changed the world, and we still use a lot of them today, including the light bulb, we could not have any light besides the sun if it wasn't for him.

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The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

Who: The workers got less pay and more hours that's what got the strike started.

What: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 was the first major railroad strike.

Where: It happened in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

When: The railroad strike happened on July 14th, 1877 .

Why: The Great railroad Strike of 1877 was important because it had a great impact on the industrial growth of the U.S.

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Central pacific railroad company

Who: There was around 12,000 Chinese immigrants working for this railroad company

What: The first transcontinental railroad was 1,907 miles long

Where: They built on the western side of the u.s to connect to the Union Pacific railroad company

When: It was authorized by congress in 1862

Why: The Railroad Expansion was important because people could get across the country faster once it was built.