Counselor's Gazette December 2013

By Ms. Forte & Ms. Milano

How to refer a student for counseling

1. Fill out a Teacher Referral Form.

2. We CANNOT meet with students more than ONCE without PARENTAL CONSENT.

3. We'll schedule an appointment to meet with the student individually.

4. Counselors confidentiality rules:

- Confidentiality does not apply to cases of suspected abuse/neglect of children or the elderly.

- Confidentiality does not apply to cases of potential harm to self or others.

- A mental health professional may disclose confidential information in proceedings brought by a client against a professional.

- Confidentiality does not apply to cases involving criminal proceedings, except communications by a person voluntarily involved in a substance abuse program.

- Confidentiality may not apply in cases involving legal proceedings affecting the parent-child relationship.

- Confidentiality may not apply to cases involving a minor child. In such cases, the mental health professional may advise a parent, managing conservator or guardian of a minor, with or without minor’s consent, of the treatment needed by or given to the minor.

How can Counselors help students, parents and/or families?

December Activities

1. We continue to work with LHS Student Activities Director, Mrs. Allison Stamey & CIS representative Ms. Shuntel Green along members of the community to help families in need during the holidays season. If you would like to sponsor students and/or their families, please see us.

2. Toy Distribution sponsored by Highland Village Police Department.

3. Holiday Assistance: Bolin Angel Tree, LHS Angel Tree, and Wellington Family Christmas Angel Tree.

We'll continue providing guidance and counseling through:

1. Whole class guidance (By appointment only)

2. Small group guidance/counseling (Weekly sessions)

3. Individual counseling (Private, up to 6 visits. Parent/educator/administrator referral (by appointment only)

2nd Nine Weeks (Whole class, enrichment & small groups)


RTI & 504

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Our Program & Mission

  • School Guidance Curriculum: Students are taught skills related to the development of healthy personal characteristics, values, and attitudes deemed important for healthy productive living.
  • Individual Student Planning includes activities to assist students and their parents or guardians in planning, monitoring, and managing the student’s learning as well as his or her personal, educational, and career goals.
  • Responsive Services meet the immediate concerns and needs of students, usually with a prevention focus, e.g., programs for dropout prevention, student assistance teams, peer leadership, and drug and alcohol prevention.
  • System Support focuses on family and community support and to school improvement and student achievement.

School Counselor Mission

The Mission of the Central Elementary School Counseling Program is to address the academic, personal, social and career development needs of all students. School Counselors are professional school advocates who help students maximize their educational potential, character development and academic achievement. In partnership with other educators, parents or guardians and the community, the goals of this program are to ensure that all students at Central experience a rich, diverse and nurturing learning environment so that they may function as lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Parent Academy - We continue providing weekly parenting classes in English & Spanish.