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September 27, 2019

Assertiveness, it's a skill and you need to use it and teach it

Noticing: I've been noticing and having lots of conversation with staff lately about the social emotional needs of children and the way we are helping them manage their behaviors. Please hear me: we have to use Conscious Discipline for ALL children. BUT, assertiveness is not "ANTI Conscious Discipline", it is necessary.

If a child is kicking you, you can use your "Your face looks like this and I know it's hard" language, but do everyone in that situation a favor and tell them to STOP KICKING in an assertive voice FIRST. You need to be clear and concise with your words and your voice should convey that you mean business. Is this a voice you use for everyday speaking, NO, it is a voice that kicks in when a child is hurting themselves or others or is not being "safe".

Discipline as defined by Merriam Webster - 2 : to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control.

Assertiveness is NOT the opposite of Conscious Discipline, it is a part of being CONSCIOUS when teaching a child. It doesn't undo all the "I Love You Rituals", it doesn't break your relationship. It is a means to keep people safe, and you need to be OK when you need to use your assertive voice and when you see others use it.

The Conscious Discipline Skill of Assertiveness helps children find their Big Voice. Here’s what’s important! The adult must have an assertive voice to teach the assertive voice to children. You can’t teach what you don’t know.

Here’s what the assertive voice does:

  1. Tells the child what to do
  2. Sends the nonverbal message of “just do it” with tone of voice and body language
  3. Paints a clear and direct picture with the intent of helping the child be successful. Remember that young children think in pictures. They have immature inner speech.
Big picture

Starting your day with Intention

Do you ever find that on Sunday night, you dream of this beautiful week you plan to have. I have meals prepped and a list of items to do this week. I leave the house Monday morning with no food in my bag and my to do list disappears somewhere on my way to work....I need a way to keep my focus strong...I enjoyed the article "The One Sentence You Need" below, I hope you do as well.

Expanding your thinking:

Each week I will try to attach an article or two that makes you really dig into your beliefs. If you feel like you want to discuss the article, I'm always up for a good chat or feel free to grab a friend, set up a lunch chat on the article and invite others.

September 30

Wear your "vintage" Race for the Future shirts if you have them....they are calling it Monday FUNday to promote the race.

Race for the Future 5K

Sat., Oct. 12

I only run when chased, so I always pay $25 for the "Dream Partner" shirt....but that's just me, you do you!!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Satellites on Tues 10/29 and GB on Wed 10/30

Schedule is finished, buses are reserved, Jeanie Rocks!

Super Important

I've included a survey for you to complete by Friday Oct. 4th. You can work in small groups to complete this survey. This is a survey that I am tasked to complete for our building. I want YOUR voice, please take the time to complete this together. It is long, but it is important. We want our needs represented if there is indeed a bond going out in April.

For the satelite staff, this is a bit confusing. When answering, let us know what building has the issue (Elementary site or GBEEC)

For your Information: Bond issue for April is proposed to include a reworking of the north part of PVE to provide a second location of early education services.

Our Week:

Monday - Jeanie out of town, Kerry here

Tuesday - Jeanie here, Kerry Home Visit Observation 8:00-11:00

Wednesday - Kerry might be at AM Mtg at SLC, Jeanie here

Thursday - Kerry at SLC AM Mtg, Jeanie here

Friday - We start our day together at staff mtg!