Stratford High News

May 2021

From the Principal's Desk

Kia koutou katoa.

Welcome to Term 2! The days are getting shorter but continue to be busy. Winter sport has begun and it is wonderful to see so many participating each week. It certainly makes our weeks full as parents, but it is the richness of these experiences; learning to accept decisions, working with others, responding positively to defeat and giving ones best each week, that develop well rounded young people. Winning is important, but not at the expense of sportsmanship and please continue to impress these messages to our young ones.

Sport also teaches us about the importance of working hard. This learning can be transferred into how we do learning in the classroom. This term is an important one and the start of any term is a good time to reset and ensure we are setting ourselves up for success. As our school motto states, there is no reward without effort.

Our teaching staff are working hard to support every child and their learning as SHS. We know that attendance has the biggest impact on student achievement. It is important to remember that being absent one day per week equates to 8 weeks in the year. That is 8 weeks out of 40. This amount of learning is hard to make up. We value the partnership between home and school and together we can make a difference to your child's learning. Please contact your child’s dean if attendance or engagement becomes a concern.

Throughout this term we have a focus on bullying and the importance of speaking up and standing together to stop it. Form class activities will support this campaign as will Assembly discussions. Friday the 21st of May is Pink Shirt Day and we look forward to getting in behind one another to stamp this out in our school. We appreciate your support with this.

In school news, we welcome Neil Dodunksi, Property Maintenance Manager, and Ronald Rewi, Groundsman, to our staff. Both Neil and Ronald come with a wealth of experience in this field, and we look forward to working alongside them both.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you on the side of the sports field or around school. Nga mihi nui.

Cameron Stone, Principal

SHS Uniform guidelines - new brochure

Please click on the link above which will take you to the school website where you can open the new brochure on school uniform.


Term 2 sees us move to Winter Uniform to prepare for the cooler days here in Stratford. The flyer above outlines our school uniform, and we now have black pants available for all students at school. The black pants must be a ‘dress’ style pant and are available from Magnum Sports, our uniform supplier, here in Stratford.

Please check your child has the correct uniform before coming to school. Jackets are essential in the winter cold and they can be purchased from our school office. We have a new zip in all our school jackets which has eliminated the problems from previous years. These jackets, along with our school jerseys are warm and we ask that hoodies, non-regulation jackets and beanies are left at home.

If, for a valid reason, your child has non-regulation uniform of some kind, please ensure they get a uniform pass signed from either a Dean or a member of the SLT at the start of the day.

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The Pink Shirt Day Kaupapa


By celebrating Pink Shirt Day and raising money to support the kaupapa, our school/kura is a part of a powerful movement to spread aroha and kindness and end bullying. Every dollar raised helps the Mental Health Foundation to run Pink Shirt Day, raise awareness about bullying prevention and provide free resources to help make our schools safe and inclusive for everyone. Celebrated annually around the globe, Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 when two students took a stand against homophobic bullying after a new year 10 student was harassed for wearing pink.

We will encourage everyone to wear something pink on the day.

This day marks the start of a journey working towards changing the culture of bullying in our school, online and on our sports fields. During the day students will hear from a speaker from bringing a strong message around online bullying and how to bring about change.

For the remainder of the year staff will have training in presenting an educational programme which will give our students an insight into the harm bullying causes, skills to deal with bullying and strategies to stop bullying at our school. Our students will learn how to be an upstander not a bystander. We want to create an environment that is safe and inclusive for everyone here at Stratford High School. Ending bullying will take longer than one day or one year. By strengthening and building on our school HEART values we will encourage our students to speak up, stand together and stop bullying.

Wendy Walker, TIC Health and Wellbeing.

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Summer Sports Awards 2021

The following trophies were awarded at the sports assembly on Wednesday 5 May.

For Athletics:

John Uhlenberg Cup: Senior Boys 400m the G. Vivian Cup: Senior Boys 800m and the Old Pupils Association Cup: Senior Boys Track Champion; Kaleb Robinson.

John Cresswell Cup: Senior Boys 1500m; Kaya Acero

Challenge Trophy: Senior Boys Field Events Champion; Justin Leeman.

Intermediate Boys Field Events Championship Cup; Kauby Ngatai-Northcott

C. Alsop Cup: Intermediate Boys 1500m; and the Herbert-Smith Trust Cup: Intermediate Boys Track Champion; Tyler Kidd.

John Petrie Cup: Junior Boys Overall Champion; Phoenix Raroa.

Champion Challenge Cup: Senior Girls Track Champion and the Pamela Graham Cup: Senior Girls Field Champion; Emily Rosendaal

Amess Cup: Intermediate Girls Field Events Champion; Arabella Barber

Jim Boon Challenge Cup: Intermediate. Girls Track Champion: Emily Orr.

Dr Doris Gordon Cup: Junior Girls Overall Champion; Meika Pulman


Crossman Cup: Senior Boys Swimming; Sam Harris

Mr& Mrs W. Jones Cup: Intermediate Boys Swimming; Masyn Austin

F.A. Tyrer Cup: Junior Boys Swimming; Riley Raroa

Jill Heydon Cup: Senior Girls Swimming; Abby Sextus

Mrs P. Thomson Cup: Intermediate Girls Swimming; Eva McGeoch

Murray Thomson Cup: Junior Girls Swimming; Madeline Hobo


Bunning Trophy: Boys Open Triathlon Champion; Tyler Kidd

Bunning Trophy: Girls Open Triathlon Champion; Madeline Hobo.


SHS Cricket: Most Improved Player: Deighton Kensington.

W. Clarke: Batting Trophy: Cooper Patterson.

SHS 1st X1 Allrounders Trophy: Caleb Jackson.

Lightoller Family Cricket Trophy: to the player with the best bowling average for the season: Corey Bailey.

Rotary Club of Stratford; Jeff Crowe Cricket Award for the Most Promising Player; Jordan Bolger

Congratulations to all those that have received awards today. We will acknowledge all winter sports awards later in the year.

TSSSA top placings from Term 1

On May 5 we acknowledged our students who have obtained top 3 placings in TSSSA events during Term 1. Thanks to all the students who have taken the opportunity to participate in the variety of events offered by TSSSA. If parents have any queries about TSSSA sports please contact Ms Smith on

TSSSA Beach Volleyball:

SHS Washers – 3rd Junior Girls Pool A: Cady Webb, Lara Abraham, Ciara Staines-Hurley and Maia Hussey

SHS Lakers – 3rd Junior Girls Pool B: Olivia Marshall, Azara Muggeridge-Griffin, Amber Cox and Ruby Saywell

SHS Spike Girls – 2nd Junior Girls Pool B: Sophie Maddox, Mya Baskin, Angela Lumanglas, Hannah Burroughs

TSSSA Rogaine:

3rd Junior Mixed Grade: Ciara Staines-Hurley, Ellie Brady, Lara Abraham, Maia Hussey & Aidan Campbell

2nd Junior Mixed Grade: James Smithson, Ethan Larsen and Jessica Smithson

1st Junior Mixed Grade: Isabella Keenan, Rose Ford and Bailey Bradin-Copeland

1st Intermediate Mixed Grade: Neve Payne and Xanda Kerr

2nd Senior Mixed Grade: Rebekah Hodge, Matthew Hodge and Samuel Hodge

TSSSA Athletics:

3rd Intermediate Girls 200m and 2nd Intermediate Girls 400m: Emily Orr

3rd Junior Girl 100m, 2nd Junior Girls Triple Jump and 1st Junior Girls Long Jump: Meika Pulman

3rd Intermediate Boys 100m, 2nd Intermediate Boys 200m and 2nd Intermediate Boys 400m: Ryan Kowalewski

1st Junior Boys 100m: Riley Raroa

2nd Intermediate Girls 800m: Ellie Brady

3rd Senior Boys High Jump: Kaleb Robinson

1st Intermediate Boys High Jump: Jaxon Bolger

2nd Intermediate Boys High Jump: Max Edgcombe

2nd Intermediate Boys Shot Put: Ryan Nickel

3rd Intermediate Boys shotput and 2nd Intermediate Boys Discus: Kauby Ngatai-Northcott

3rd Junior Girls Discus and 1st Junior Girls Javelin: Talanoa Fakavamoeanga

3rd Senior Girls Javelin: Sereima Lum

2nd in Junior Girls 4x100m Relay: Meika Pulman, Tori Pemberton, Olivia Marshall and Addison Whitikia

2nd in Intermediate Boys 4x100m Relay: Ryan Kowalewski, Noah West-Adams, Masyn Austin and Max Edgcombe

The following athletes were selected for the Taranaki Team to attend North Island Secondary Schools Athletics in Hamilton: Ryan Kowalewski, Ryan Nickel

New Zealand Secondary Schools Triathlon

1st Place in Girls Under 13 section: Madeline Hobo

Gateway Students Achieve Great Heights

The following Year 13 & 12 Gateway and Year 11 Work Experience Students on Thursday 15th April completed and achieved NZQA Unit Standards at Level 3 in "Employ height safety equipment in the workplace" and "Use safety harness system when working at height".

Cody Bulmer, Jimmy Coull, Joel Dodunski, Nathan Du Plooy, Brayden Fale, Sam Harris, Justin Leeman, Kurt McFaull, Alex Peihopa, Joshua Trowbridge, Gus Waite and Alex Vincent.

SHS Expectations

At Stratford High School our HEART values drive how we expect our school community to behave. When enacted, the overarching theme of RESPECT is visible in all that we do, including the positive way we interact with ourselves, others (including adults), the community and with our environment. All members of the school community must support a warm and inclusive learning environment.

  • Honesty Pono: be truthful to self and others
  • Excellence: Rawe: be the best you can be
  • Aroha Love: be caring, considerate and compassionate
  • Responsibility Kawenga: be able to do the right thing
  • Tolerance Manawanui: be patient and understanding

Our positive school culture is upheld when we model our school values. Every member of the school community has a responsibility to be active role models for those around them. At times, being an UPSTANDER is the right thing to do.

By enrolling at Stratford High School, you agree to the following:

1. Always demonstrating our school values, and therefore being a positive and respectful member of our school community. This includes:

- Following teacher instructions

- Allowing other students the opportunity to learn

- Speaking to others in a co-operative manner

- Treating others respectfully - bullying is not tolerated

- Being prepared for class by having the right equipment

- Leaving equipment and buildings as you found them - vandalism is not tolerated and any associated costs will be with the child

- Wearing uniform correctly

- Supporting the school to be a smoke free, alcohol free, vape free and drug free environment

- Supporting the school to be a safe environment, free of any dangerous material or harmful equipment e.g. knives, matches, lighters, explosives, aerosol cans and the like. This includes imitation weapons

- Keeping our environment free of scooters and skateboards

- No chewing gum/bubble gum

2. Abiding by the Cyber Safety User Agreement and the Bus Code of Conduct which applies to those who travel by bus, to and from school.


Students are expected to wear the school uniform correctly. Our uniform is available from Magnum Sports in Stratford. Please see the uniform flyer on our website for more details.


Attendance at school has a significant impact on achievement. Students are expected to be in their timetabled class at all times. Late arrival or early departure from school requires students to sign in and out at the student office.

Absence from school

Any absence must be notified to the school. Caregivers are asked to either ring the school office before 8.45am or enter the absence through the KAMAR Portal. All absences must be for a valid reason. For unexplained absences, school will be in touch and then followed up by the Form Teacher or Dean.

Any planned leave must be made to the Principal in writing, well in advance of the leave.


Homework is set by subject teachers regularly. It may take a variety of forms. Students are expected to complete all their homework assignments.

Motor Vehicles

For students driving to school, a permission slip is available from the student office. This must be completed and handed back to the school before students can drive themselves.

While using motor vehicles for transport to and from school, students are expected to demonstrate responsible and courteous behaviour which will reflect positively on Stratford High School. All students need to have a valid New Zealand drivers’ license.

Lunch Passes

Students wishing to go home for lunch must complete a lunch pass permission form. This is available from the student office. This must be returned before students can go home for lunch.

Students who leave school grounds at any stage, must sign out and then sign back in upon return.

Injury or Illness at School

Students who fell unwell or injure themselves must tell the teacher and they will be accompanied to the student office by another student. It is important that students allow the staff member in the student office to ring home to stop any confusion. Students can go home once parental permission is granted or a parent comes to school to collect the student.

Palma Non Sine Pulvere – no reward without effort

Who do you contact if you have a concern?

If your concern is about your child's learning within a subject class, please contact their subject teacher in the first instance.

If your concern is regarding a social, emotional or behavioural matter, please contact your child's Form Teacher in the first instance.

The Year Level Dean will support any ongoing, unresolved issues.

For matters regarding Curriculum, that have not been resolved by the subject teacher or Dean, please contact Dr Taylor, our Curriculum Deputy Principal.

For matters regarding Pastoral, that have not been resolved by the Form Teacher or Dean, please contact Mrs Ralph, our Pastoral Deputy Principal.

What is a Dean?

Responsible for overall pastoral care of all students in their designated year level

  • Ensures support the high school journey

  • Manages any social or academic concerns you or your child may have

  • Manages relationship issues (teachers/students)
  • Manages prolonged or unexplained absences

Deans for 2021

Year 9 Mr Jeff Walker

Year 10 Mr Colin Franklyn

Year 11 Mr Bill McGeoch

Year 12 Miss Jodie Sullivan

Year 13 Mrs Jocelyn Baldwin and Mr Richard Armond

For formal complaints, please see our complaints policy on our school website.

MMR Vaccinations

The TDHB have advised that school students over the age of 15 years are eligible to have this free MMR vaccination. Students have been issued with a permission slip and information was emailed to caregivers last week. Measles is more contagious than COVID and it is crucial that families are informed about this so we do not have an outbreak. Forms need to be returned by Wednesday 12 May as the Vaccination team will be starting the following week.

Upcoming Events

Events can also be viewed via the KAMAR app.

Wed 12 May: SHS cross country and fun run.

Fri 14 May: SHS Careers Expo from 12 noon until, War Memorial Hall. Whaea Wendy

Sun 16 May: TSSSA Netball - New Plymouth

Thu 20 May: Teacher only day - no classes will be run for students
12 Outdoor Education class at TOPEC - See Mr Franklyn

Thu 20 & Fri 21 May: Driving course - see Mrs Campbell

Tue 25 May: TSSSA Cross Country - see Ms Smith

Thu 27 May: 13OED class at TOPEC - see Mr Franklyn

Sat 29 May: Rockquest Regionals - see Mr Orr

Wed 2 June: Variety Concert - see Mr Orr
TSSSA Futsal - see Ms Smith

Tue 8 to Fri 11 June: Senior Assessment Week.

Tue 8 June: Y9 rotation 3 begins

Payments for school

We have been advised by the TSB Bank that they will not be accepting cheques for payment. This means that the 18 June 2021 will be the last day that we can take a cheque for payment of a school account.

If you have received a notice about an upcoming trip or class activity you can pay at the student office with cash or EFTPOS or via internet banking. Please ensure that you indicate the name of the student and activity in the payment details.

If you have an automatic payment account set up you can email Mrs Terry to take this activity from your account.

You can request a statement for payment by emailing Mrs Terry, Finance Officer

The school account details for internet banking are:

Account name: SHS Board of Trustees
Branch: TSB Stratford

Account number: 15-3947-0328379-00