First Grade is Fabulous!

December 2015, Room 109

Fundations and Grammar

We explored the differences between nouns and proper nouns in December! We sorted nouns into proper and common categories. We also edited sentences that had proper nouns. The main point that we focused on was, "Proper nouns are names of things and need to be capitalized because they are important!"

In Fundations, we spelled words that have the "glued" sounds of am, all, and an. We spelled many words with our whiteboards and our whiteboard apps. We also sorted words that ended with am and an. This was a pretty easy unit for the children, so we zoomed right through it!


This month we began our "How to" unit in writing! I love this unit because it really teaches the children to be very specific when they write. We basically wrote the steps to complete a certain task. We wrote about...

1. How to be a good friend

2. How to draw a reindeer

3. How to make a cup of cocoa

4. How to decorate a Christmas tree

The children wrote and illustrated each step for these topics. We also focused on using transition words to begin our sentences for the steps. Some examples of transition words are: First, Next, After that, Last, Now.

We will continue this unit in January. Our next topic will be, "How to make a snowman." Hopefully will have some snow over winter break!

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Reader's Workshop

We continued meeting with our reading groups this month and completing our Reader's Workshop centers. We read books from the Bookshelf and RAZ kids apps. We also read good old-fashioned paper books! We our making great progress in our IRLA program! Be on the look out for your child's reading level in his/her take-home binder. Be sure to have your child read over winter break!

Here are some of the centers we did this month!

  • Sweet Story: Drop the candy, write the adjective, mad lib story!
  • Noun and Verb sort: Sort the cards into nouns and verbs, then write.
  • Nearpod: we completed two Nearpod activities. The class loved it!
  • Kahoot!: I checked reading comprehension by creating a quiz/game on the app, Kahoot!
Turkey Claus

Social Studies

We traveled all around the world to learn about winter holidays and Christmas traditions! I created a presentation on Prezi for the children to learn from. We made crafts, completed a packet, designed a suitcase, and even used boarding passes during this unit. The children loved it and discovered that some of their Christmas traditions originated from countries other than the United States. You can check out the presentation under the "Presentation" tab on our class website! OR....

You can click and watch it below!


We wrapped up our unit on Weather this month. We studied the three main types of clouds: Cumulus, Stratus, and Cirrus. We also learned about how clouds are formed and how certain types of clouds are found high or low in the sky. We made these cloud types of cotton balls and placed them either high or low on our construction paper. Ask your child about the clouds they see in the sky! I bet they can tell you which type is there!
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Everyday Math

Monthly Skills:

  • Number stories
  • Measurement with cubes
  • Measurement with paper clips
  • Addition and subtraction facts
  • + 10, -10
  • Doubles Facts
  • Addition with three addends
  • Using the number grid to count up and back by 10
  • Writing number models
  • Facts that add up to 10

Some of Our Math Centers :

  • Santa's Secret Number
  • Graphing Reindeer noses
  • Measuring presents with cubes
  • Measuring reindeer food

Mrs. Menchu - First Grade Teacher

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME IN FIRST GRADE! I have taught Transitional Primary, second grade, third grade, fourth grade and preschool and have loved every level. I look forward to having a fantastic year with you and your child! Please reach out to me and do not hesitate to ask questions.
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