Admin Team Message

It is unbelievable that we are already in the month of June. Wow, time flies when we are having fun! We want to thank the staff, students, and families for a wonderful year. This year has seen many changes since we first started in September and with everyone’s support our students have persevered and grown stronger together as a result. Also, you all have made our first year as an administrative team a very enjoyable one.

There are many fun activities happening to close out the year so please check the calendar and watch your Edsby throughout the month. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Holy Family School! To celebrate we will be having a family BBQ on June 10th between 5:00-7:00 at the school playground. We hope to see you all there to celebrate with us and we look forward to many more years or learning and fun!

This is an interesting time of year where we finish out this school year strong, all the while we start planning for next year. We will soon welcome a new group of pre-K and Kindergarten students but before we do we wish a loving farewell to our grade 7 students. We will miss you all greatly but you are always welcome as part of our Holy Family Community. We wish you the greatest success as you find new academic and extracurricular opportunities in highschool.

In addition, we extend our prayers and well wishes to the students and families who are moving and will be leaving our school community. May God bless you wherever you put down roots next.

We would like to wish everyone a restful and a safe summer.

See you in the fall!

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Important Dates

June 10- Family Barbeque and 30th Anniversary of Holy Family School Celebration

June 22- Mass at 9:30 and Awards at 1:00 for Gr. 4-7

June 24- Pre-K - Gr.3 Fun Day

June 28- Kdg Grad

June 29- No Classes

June 30- Report card pick up 8:30-11:30 (only if requested) all report cards are available on Edsby


Registration for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten for the fall is now open!

Pre-K students must be 3 or 4 and Kindergarten students must be 5 on or before December 31st. Holy Family School will be offering full time Kdg. Students will attend classes all day every day during the fall of 2022-23. Please stop by the office anytime to pick up a registration form. Registration forms were sent home with all current four year old Pre-K students. Registrations are also available on our school home page. If your family is moving and leaving the school, please provide the office with that information.


Children attend classes for 3 hours per day Monday-Thursday and families may request morning or afternoon classes. The program operates from September to June and new students are accepted throughout the year as spaces become available.

Where are the Pre-Kindergartens?

St. Mary’s Community School 306-445-5152 , Notre Dame School 306-445-0283 and Holy Family School 306-445-2360.

*Please note: Final placements will not be determined until September 2022, so you may apply to multiple schools.

Gr. 4-7 Awards Day

Please join us in celebrating the hard work and achievements of our gr.7 students on June 22 at 1:00. This is a chance to really acknowledge all of the effort and time the students and staff have put into their work this year. We also invite parents to join us for Mass at 9:30 at St. Joseph Parish where the grades 4-6 students will be presented their certificates of achievement. We ask that students wear semi formal attire for this special day, keeping in mind the dress code when choosing appropriate dress for the day.
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Grade 3 Families

In Grade 4 all students participate in the school's band program. We will be holding an instrument testing night on Tuesday, June 14th to allow students to try out the instruments to see what will be the best fit for them in the fall. The event will be held in EMBM school's gym between 6 - 9pm - drop in when you can.

Year End Class Trips

Kindergarten-Fieldhouse & Kinsmen splash Park-June 23rd

1T-Fieldhouse & Kinsmen Splash Park-June 23rd


2/3 B/W-Kinsmen Splash Park-June 20th


4/5H-Swimming and Field House- Allen Sapp-June 3 &24

5L-Swimming and Field House Allen Sapp-June 3 &24

6G-Disc Golf - Picnic - Bowling - with 6/7TBD

6/7W-Camping (7) Disc Golf - Picnic - Bowling - with 6-June 13-15


Boys and Girls Club

We are pleased to announce that we will be running an after school care program at Holy Family School. The program is run by the Boys and Girls Club. To register, please go to Battleford's Boys and Girls Club home page and register on line.

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Summer Reading

All library books are due back by June 9.

Summer reading—it’s important! Research shows that kids who read four or more books over the summer are better prepared for the coming school year and do not go down the ‘summer slide’—the loss of reading and learning skills during the summer break. Reading over the summer months really does make a difference to your child’s learning. Here are five easy ways you can help your child reduce summer reading loss:

· Make reading important. Be a role-model for reading. Let your child see you reading throughout the day and use daily routines as reading opportunities. Cooking, reading TV listings, looking for information on-line, reading directions, or following a map all provide authentic reading experiences.

· • Give your child the power of choice. Having reading materials available is key to helping kids love to read, and the reading materials kids choose themselves are best. In fact, 92% of children and teens say they are more motivated to read and are more likely to finish a book they have picked out. Help your child find texts that appeal to his or her interests, yet are age appropriate and ‘just right’ in difficulty.

· • Set aside time to read every day. We know that the more kids read, the better they become at reading and the more they will enjoy reading. During the summer, encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes per day. Make reading ‘down-time’—an opportunity for family members to read together, either aloud or quietly to themselves. Keep track of progress by recording book titles, pages read, and minutes spent.

· • Talk it up. Talking about books during and after reading helps improve comprehension. Encourage kids to share their ideas and opinions by asking open-ended questions. Talk about what you read to let them know that reading is an important part of your life. Tell them why you liked a book, what you learned from it, or how it helped you— soon they might start doing the same.

· • Be part of a reading challenge. Most local libraries have summer reading programs that help engage and motivate readers. Kids set a goal, track books they read, and receive incentives for achieving goals. Summer programs also promote reading club opportunities where children can discuss and share books with others, either on-line or in person. You can even create your own family reading challenge. Have a great summer, and happy reading! Help Your Child Read This Summer!

As you know, books are very expensive and all the children know how we expect them to look after the books they borrow. However, if your child loses or damages a book they have borrowed, then we would ask you to pay for a replacement. This will allow the library to maintain a healthy stock of reading material.

Best of luck to our grade 7's leaving us, what a fine group of ladies and gentlemen you have become! It has been a pleasure to watch you grow up.

Mrs. Landry



We would like to remind parents that we have new neighbors-North Battleford Daycare is in the building beside us (used to be the Board Office) . The gravel area is for our parents to park on for dropping off and picking up students. Please do not park on the paved portion of that area closest to the building, as it is designated for the daycare staff and parents to safely park to drop off and pick up the children who attend the daycare. Thanks for your cooperation.


Report cards will be available for parents on Edsby in a digital format for all students. If for a specific reason you have requested a printed copy of your child(ren's) report card, you may pick them up at the school anytime between 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. The buses will not run on this day as there are no classes.

Track and Field Day and Fun Day

Special thanks to the School Community Council Canteen Co-ordinator, Kelly Wouters. Thanks also to all parent volunteers who helped at our track meets, as well as those who will be helping at Fun Day for Pre-Kdg. - Gr.3 on Friday, June 24th. Without your assistance these events would not be possible.

Classes Resume

Classes will resume on Thursday, Sept.1, 2022. We would like to wish our grade 7 students all the best as they begin their high school careers in the fall. We will miss you!

Running Club

The Running Club was a popular choice for students of all ages. There were lots of smiles each week. Thank you to Miss Brennan and Miss Robert for leading! The students had a blast!
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Art Club

Our students really enjoyed the Art Club this spring. Thank you to Mrs. Hodges for all of the creative ideas she shared with the students. The students were eager to attend and show off their master pieces!

Truth and Reconciliation

On April 1, 2022, Pope Francis expressed his regret and sorrow for residential schools in Canada and made a formal apology to our Indigenous people. He travelled to Canada to share this apology with us. We are excited for this step forward in Truth that leads to Reconciliation.

To mark the occasion, we invited all staff and students to wear an orange shirt, ribbon skirt or ribbon shirt to show our recognition on May 27. We started our day off with prayers and activities as this was the day for all Catholic schools in Saskatchewan to take some time to learn about the importance of this visit and the apology.

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Students in grades 4 & 5 prepared poems and students in grades 6 & 7 wrote and presented speeches on topics of their choice. The top three from each grade performed in front of 3 judges, teachers parents and fellow students. They did so well! Thank you to Mrs. Loeppky for organizing the event. Thank you to the teachers and families for helping the students prepare. Thank you to our judges, Mrs. Hrabinsky, Mrs. Sarenco and Mr. Corcoran.

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BBQ Raffle

The SCC is having a BBQ raffle. Win a package valued at $800. Includes a Char-Broil BBQ, meat package and all the fixings! Notes have gone home for families to request the number of books they would like to sell. Please fill in the form and return it to the office. Tickets will be sent home. Tickets are $5 each or a book of 10 for $50.
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