East Edition

Dec. 7, 2015

Gratitudes, Congratulations and Celebrations

Thanks to our social committee for a very nice, relaxing holiday party. We had a great turn out. Loads of laughter and fun were had by all who attended. Special thanks to those that created an opportunity for child care in the next room.

Congratulations to Tanya and the Soaring Singers Choir for awesome performances at the Centennial Mall during the holiday drive on Friday. They had another amazing performance downtown on Saturday in Alice Pleasant Park during the

Thanks to Karen and Angela S for creating the new bulletin board featuring photos and news clippings of students and families at East Elementary.

Congratulations to the winners of the Canned Food Drive. Mrs. Vanzo's class was the 1st place winner (229 cans), with Mrs. Linsacum's class coming in 2nd (156 cans) and Mrs. Brown's class in 3rd (146 cans). Thanks to Brittney for organizing this community building activity and for providing East an opportunity to contribute to the community.

Thanks to Vicki Hadden, Ben Viske, Kresh Wilson (tech department staff), Kristin, Cristina, Jonathan, Erica, and Jen for their efforts at the parent night iPad roll out as well as the following day getting student iPads oriented and ready for use with students. What a great team. All went very smoothly both Thursday night and Friday morning. Very exciting learning is on the horizon!

Thanks to Tanya for organizing and running our PAWS Assemblies each Friday.


1. By the end of the day on Monday, send, share or copy your lesson plans with me for reading, writing and math for this week.

2. Sign up for a coaching cycle if interested. Talk to Kristin about upcoming future opportunities for individualized student centered coaching.

3. Sign up for Mid-Year Dialogue for next week (if certified). Go to google doc called East Mid-Year Dialogues (2015-16): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ewqG2Sh3S9LRh3eooeqhULo1K4axBbE8DmhVJ_7hq-Q/edit

3. Complete Assessment Matrixes as you administer Pre/Post Assessments.

Tree Trimming Ceremonies (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)


Thursday, Dec. 10th at 9:15 am

PreK, 3rd, 4th & 5th graders will decorate the Christmas tree in the foyer. These classes should create an ornament to bring to put on the tree on that day at that time.

Thursday, Dec 10th at 1:30 pm

PreK, Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd graders will decorate the Christmas tree in the library. These classes should create an ornament to put on the tree that day at that time.

This Week's Events & Happenings

Mon, Dec. 7 - Learning Walks with Ava Lanes

Mon, Dec. 7 - Last Day of Holiday Shop

Mon, Dec 7 - Cookie Exchange

Mon, Dec 7 - Secret Santa Day 1

Tues, Dec 8 - East Art (E Day)

Tues, Dec 8 - Ava Lanes Consult with Sarah About Learning Walks (7:30 am)

Tues, Dec. 8 - Co-Planning Math

Tues, Dec 8 - All Principals meeting with Ava Lanes (9:30 am)

Tues, Dec. 8 - CST Meeting (2:30 pm)

Tues, Dec 8 - Secret Santa Day 2

Tues, Dec 8 - PAC Meeting (5:20 pm)

Wed, Dec 9 - East Art (F Day)

Wed, Dec 9 - Administrator's Meeting @ Admin Bldg (8:30 am)

Wed, Dec 9 - PARCC Results Staff Meeting - Certified Staff Only (3:40 pm)

Wed, Dec 9 - Benefits Committee Meeting (4:00 pm)

Wed, Dec 9 - GT Informational Meeting for Parents

Wed, Dec 9 - Secret Santa Day 3

Thurs, Dec. 10 - Classified Staff Meeting with Breakfast (7:15 am)

Thurs, Dec 10 - Tree Trimming (PreK, 3rd, 4th & 5th (9:15 am)

Thurs, Dec 10 - Tree Trimming (PreK, Kinder, 1st & 2nd (1:30pm)

Thurs, Dec 10 - Preschool Kindness Party (2:30 pm)

Thurs, Dec 10 - Secret Santa Reveal Party (bring a snack to share & your final gift) 3:40 pm

Fri, Dec 11 - Co Planning Reading

Fri, Dec 11 - Building Collab Time (2:20 pm)

Fri, Dec 11 - Marzano's 6 steps for Vocabulary Training - @ CMS during building collab.

What's Happening Next Week? (Dec 14 - 18)

  • Fire Drill @ 12:15 pm - Mon, Dec 14
  • Short Social Committee Meeting - Mon, Dec 14
  • Board of Education Meetings - Mon, Dec 14
  • Co-Planning Math - Tues, Dec 15
  • 3rd Grade Music Programs - Tues, Dec 15 (10:15 am & 6:00 pm)
  • DAC (District Accountability Parent Committee) Meeting - Tues, Dec 15 6:00 pm
  • CDE Reps visiting East Elementary as part of a Pre-3 task force that Sarah is participating. No prep required for anyone except Sarah.
  • District Collab on Friday, Dec. 18 @ Admin (2:35 pm)
  • NO CoPLanning for Reading on Friday

What's Happening In January?

  • DIBELS Benchmark Testing (Whole School - Every Child)
  • ACCESS Testing - Digital/Online (Schedule coming before Christmas Break)
  • Learning Walks

Pre-3 Leadership Cadre

I am participating in a Cadre that will provide opportunitites to look at Preschool - 3rd grade education through an early childhood lens. Traditionally education and care for young children has been thought of as a birth – age five then K – 12 experience. Support for families and children was provided through a focus on a smooth transition to kindergarten. However, there is a strong research base in the importance of the learning and growth opportunities for young children prior to kindergarten. There is also a growing awareness of the importance of a coherent, aligned system of support for families and children in order to ensure school readiness and promote school success. Taken together a “P – 3”, or preschool through grade three, approach to early learning is taking hold nationally.

This learning community (the cadre) is co-created between participating schools and CDE with the intention to (1) learn from one another about efforts to create a P – 3 system in schools, (2) learn from state and national experts about effective P – 3 models, (3) work to co-develop a P – 3 leadership model for the state, and (4) establish demonstration sites for the state. It is not known at this time if East will be a demonstration site. The cadre has only met digitally one time this school year and we are spending most of our time learning about P-3 systems this first year of the cadre. More information will be shared as the work unfolds. Specific staff within our school may be invited to participate in training or information sharing sessions as opportunities arise.

CDE representatives will be here at our school next week, on Thursday, Dec 17th in an effort to get to know our current P-3 system and learn about the challenges of becoming a more seamless early childhood system within a school.

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