1st Grade Newsletter

December 14 - 18, 2015


Math--Measuring Length: Students will describe a length to the nearest whole unit using a number and a unit. (ex: The book is 6 paper clips long).


Use nonstandard objects (such as paper clips, pennies, toothpicks etc.) to measure the length of various objects. Ask your child questions such as "Why does it take more pennies than pencils to measure the length of the same table?"

Reading--Main Idea and Details


When reading with your child have them tell you what the story was “mostly about." This should be a one sentence statement concluding the book they read.

Writing--This week students will be writing about their family's winter holiday traditions and customs. Students will write a personal narrative using complete sentences that start with a capitol letter and end with a period.

Science--Demonstrate that air is all around us and observe that wind is moving air


Ask your child, "What is weather and how does moving air change it?"

Social Studies--Winter holidays: family traditions and customs

*Students brought home a Family Traditions letter this week. Please make sure you help your child answer the questions and return the sheet to school by Monday. We will be using this letter in class to write a personal narrative.

Review Week for Spelling--No Homework or Test this week

Our gift to you...no spelling homework or test this week!

We will continue to practice the spelling pattern and words in class.

Spelling Pattern: long /o/ and long /u/ "sneaky e"

1. hope

2. nose

3. note

4. rope

5. cute

6. cube

7. close

8. quote

9. chop

10. whale


11. measure

12. seasons

Upcoming Events

Friday, Dec. 18th--Class Winter Parties @ 11:00

Friday, Dec. 18th--Early Release @ 12:00

December 21st - January 4th--NO SCHOOL, Winter Break

Tuesday, January 5th--Students return to school

Friday, January 15th--Early Release @ 12:00, End of 3rd Six Weeks

Monday, January 18th--No School, MLK Day

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. Wright, Ms. Gage, Ms. Cook, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. King, Mrs. Dossey, Mrs. Stanford (from left to right)

Conference time: 1:45 - 2:45