Aidan Garcia

Barcelona, Spain

airfare cost and schedule

The cost for a round way trip to Denver to Barcelona and back cost $2,260.66 for two people. You leave at May 9, 2014 then come back May 29, 2014. On the way to Barcelona you would go from Denver to New York then to Barcelona. It will take 6 hours and 22 minutes to change planes going to Barcelona. You might need to get a hotel if you don't want to wait for a long period of time. When you come back you go to New York then back to Denver. It takes a 1 hour and 45 minutes to change planes.!


When You arrive at Barcelona a place named Euro Stars Grand Marina Hotel is an excellent 5 star hotel. For 2999.70 euros you get a fantastic room with a bed, message bathtub, a balcony with a view, and warmth to make you feel at home. Also, guest can get free Wi-Fi and breakfast buffet served on the first floor. The rooms are set up so you can real like your at home. (even though your on vacation.)

(P.S. Superior Room)


In Barcelona you can take in an open-air film or concert. Or if you want to be at the beach you can try windsurfing. If your in Barcelona at the right time then you could find yourself at a cool soccer game. Also, be prepared for long walks. If you want to get your taste buds up then try out all the delicious bit size foods at amazing quality. You could also see the art work or find you way in a religious churches were you're always welcome. Also, ask your concierge for more activities.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Oh no! My purse just got snatched. A dilemma in Barcelona that travelers should look out for is pick pocketing. Bad people will see that you need a helping hand. But in reality all they see is bags/purses wide open for an opening to take. To prevent that that from happening you could put locks on your luggage to keep you items safe. Also, keep your eyes (and your eyes only) on your personal items at all times


In a quick and easy wrap up Barcelona, Spain is a great and fun way to have an amazing get away. From the plane to the problems Barcelona has cool ways to be entertained non-stop and to get your mouth a treat the food is always tasty. As long as you are safe and enjoying yourself, Barcelona is the place to be.