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Celebrating June


If you are receiving this email for the first time, WELCOME!

I'm so honoured to have you in our Stella & Dot team.

I hope you'll use this monthly resource as a way to plug into the training that is just right for you and your business! Please let me know how I can help you soar with success in your are in business for yourself BUT not by yourself!

If you have sponsored a NEW STYLIST...please forward to them to ensure they are receiving ALL communication. We will get your new stylist added to team communication within a week but if you find that we have accidentally missed someone, please email me and I'll get it corrected asap.

Welcome New Stylists!

Where to begin? Connect with your sponsor and set up a time to discuss your New Stylist Training. Check out Your Stylist Lounge Tour for an overview on the Lounge. Find more tips and tools for your business in the Toolbox section of Stella & Dot University. Compile a short list of questions for your sponsor to help keep you on track. Looking for Additional Support? Join the Stella & Dot Canada Regional Facebook Page and your Local Facebook Page.

BIG Glitteratti Welcome to:

Shazhan Amed

Amy Francis

Ashley De Santis

Deedra Levy

Jessica MacNeil

Jessica Mortimer

Julie Dujardin

Kristine Aquino

Marla Minichiello

Michelle Erhardt

Missy Gowans

Paola Scarapicchia

Priyanka Saldanha

Shauna Thornton

Wenny Cheung

Brieanne Merwin

Catrina YU

Deanna Vallee

Jodi Cox

Kathryn Maynard

Lucianna Adragna

Melanie Peterson

Penny Diamantouros

Aliza Cundy

Amy Burden

Christy Smith

Cilla Watkins

Dorothy Walker

Kelly Leroux

Kelsey Rix

Mary Ellen Mauti

Melanie Cooley

Meredith Lowe

Michelle Stenson

Myrna Alingbas

Susie Lorenz

T Maine

Congrats on your promotion to Lead Stylist!

Just a Hop.Skip.Jump to Senior Stylist!! Connect with your upline sponsor to see what that looks like for you!

Stacey Price

Janine Treader

Therese Brual

Nicole Bozak

Nicole Davis

Jamie Dunlop

Robyn Cook-Brand new Senior Stylist

As written by her upline and friend, Leah Leipert wrote: Robyn is a busy mom of 2 who also works another not so stylin' and fun job 3 days a week. She holds monthly Starbucks "meetings" for her strong and growing team where she comes prepared to share her knowledge and inspiration. I have learned a lot from her both in the business and in life. She is truly beautiful inside and out. I love her and our "Sisterhood" we share with our other Stella Ladies.

Congrats Robyn!! I see Stars in the future for you and a number of fab ladies on your team!!! You guys have got it GOIN' ON! xo

Leah Leipert is a Heart of Leadership Star Stylist!

Our dear Leah with the beautiful smile and the heart of gold is also BC's 9th Heart of Leadership earner. I am SO proud of what you and your supportive team of Dazzling Stellaholics have done to achieve this. Leah, you truly have a wonderful group of supportive 'sisters' who were willing to pull out all stops in order to make this happen. Congratulations to all of you as each of you embodies the spirit of what we're all about, women helping women achieve great things. This is a team to watch......there are many more promotions on their way by fall!

The “Heart of Leadership” sterling silver bracelet and the charms serve as a reminder of important goals that one has achieved and it is highly coveted. A Leader must achieve the career rank of Star Stylist for 4 consecutive months in order to earn this bracelet.

Congrats to Glam Getaway Earners

I'm so proud of all of us! I think everyone stretched outside of their comfort zones to try and hit their level. It was pretty impressive right up to the end! Congrats to all of our earners.....never have I had so many on my team walk away with the prize. And a special note of congrats to Scarlett and Nancy for literally sprinting to the finish line to earn the all expenses trip to Puerto Vallarta. I know it was uncomfortable at times to dial for dollars or take that extra trunk show opportunity but you DID it! So excited for you both! :)

Level 1

Rebecca Lang

Janet Rutledge

Andrea Garnett

Brittny Van Schagen

Tong Mu

Rebecca Williams

Patricia Perkins

Robyn Cook

Lydia O'Neill

Meghan McRae

Cara Gilewicz


Cristina De Leon

Janet Wakal

Meagan Richardson

Jennifer Quick

Nicole Bozak

Meera Naipaul

Level 2

Leah Leipert

Colleen Carlisle

Alison Montone-Lyon

Jessica Weiss

Jodi Macandrew

Tatiana Robertson

Shannon Evora

Jennifer Evans

Rachelle Eggertson

Rachela Brisindi

Level 3

Stacy Williams

Scarlett Ballantyne

Nancy Dunsmore

Top 10 June

Top 10 East

Colleen Carlisle $7,761.60

Alison Montone-Lyon $7,037.00

Natasha Hughes Germain $3,863.50

Meera Naipaul $3,355.60

Jodi Macandrew $2,601.50

Lydia O'Neill $2,413.00

Rebecca Lang $2,384.00

Rachela Brisindi $2,215.50

Amanda Campbell $2,190.00

Julia Springolo $1,972.00

Top 10 West

Nancy Dunsmore $7,737.00

Shannon Evora $5,350.95

Scarlett Ballantyne $5,250.05

Brittny Van Schagen $5,224.75

Tatiana Robertson $5,130.30

Leah Leipert $5,111.75

Nicole Bozak $5,024.84

Stacy Williams $4,363.75

Jennifer Evans $3,947.50

Tara Fels $3,775.75


Registration is STILL OPEN-It's not too late!!

I'm really looking forward to Hoopla this year! It is going to be SO much fun! For those of you unable to attend this year, don't fret! We'll be posting as much as possible on our Facebook page and of course we will be bringing Hoopla back to you. There are 2 events already planned so get your registration in and be prepared to be wowed by this incredible new collection!

Check the Stella & Dot EVENTS page for a location near you!

Take a look at pictures from last year and you'll spot a few familiar Glitteratti faces. This year sounds bigger and better than ever! :)

Click HERE for a trip down memory lane or get pumped up for your first Hoopla. :)

A Few Tips

Seeing as I have just arrived back from Vegas (I had to check it out in advance to make sure my team would have the scoop...tee hee) I must tell you that it is hotter than heck there right now! My feet literally felt like they were melting to the pavement and I had blisters in my most comfortable sandals within 10 minutes!

Women had their hair up and everyone was wearing light weight tank tops/dresses in white or black....anyone else that wore colours just looked wet. LOL

Your feet will undoubtedly swell. Wear comfy shoes or bring a second set when you take your heels off. Bring band aids, sunscreen, tylenol, and buy lots of water. Trust me, you will need it. There are numerous convenience stores on the strip to buy things a bit cheaper than in the hotel lobbies however, their prices aren't all that bad.

I hope that helps a bit? :)