EES Tutorials

How to Enable Restrictions on an iPad

1. Launch the Settings application on the iPad by tapping its icon on the home screen

2. Tap the "General" button, followed by "Restrictions."

3. You'll need to set a Restrictions 4 digit code. This can be typed to override these restrictions at anytime, but must be memorized and not easy for students to guess.

4. Tap the "Enable Restrictions" button, and slide the "Safari" button to "ON." The Safari web browser will no longer appear on the iPad's home screen, or be accessible from any other applications .

5. Slide the Restrictions buttons for any other restrictions you feel you should add. I recommend shutting off the facetime app, checking all music, movies, and video ratings to make sure they are set no higher than g, and shutting off in-app purchases, as well as access to itunes store. See Jen Wong or Laura Fortney if you'd like help in this area.

Sometimes you may need to temporarily turn these options back on...

Find out how below:

1. To enable Safari or any other restricted items again, turn each one's switch off in the "Restrictions" settings by entering your code when prompted.

Remember to restrict them again before handing the iPad back to students.