P.B. and J. Babysitting

Hadiyyah Abdul K. and Quiana Griffin

What we're looking for...


* Preferably female, ages 15-35, experience in working with children, energetic, certified, rarely gets sick, knowledgeable, enjoys being around children...

What we need you to do...

~Evening Schedule~

* 4:00

Arrive, discuss children's (two children) needs and pay, and tour of the house

* 4:30

Children arrive home, give them snack set out on counter (apple juice and biscuits)

* 5:10

Help children with homework and school assignments

* 6:00

Children are free to do what they want (nothing out of reading, computer time, television, or coloring/drawing)

* 6:30

Feed children dinner in refrigerator (spaghetti noodles with cheese and butter, grape juice, cookies for dessert)

* 7:30

Bathe children, one at a time (should take 30 minutes all together)

* 8:00

Get them ready for bed (read them a bedtime story first)

* 8:15

Do whatever you please, brownies in the fridge for you, stay downstairs but check up on children once in a while

* 10:00

Should arrive home at this time, will be paid by then

Where we are...

~We are located at~

1234 Notanaddress Drive

Virginia Beach, VA


Please come prepared and on time, at 3:45, on February 9, 2014.