Lego:The most popular toy of all


Lego as we know is the most popular toy on earth and every person knows about them but most people don't know the history of Lego so i'm going to tell you.

Lego from the start to 1970

  • Lego was invented by Ole Kirk Christian after he was fired from being a carpenter.
  • He got the name "Lego" from the danish word leg godt witch means play well.
  • in 1932 "witch was the year Lego was invented" was made of wood.
  • Between the time of 1932-1955 Lego’s where only sold in Denmark until the Lego system of play "Lego's where sold in the U.S in 1962.
  • that is Lego from 1932-1970
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Lego from 1971 to Today!

  • until 1978 mini figures also known as figs had no arms, no gender, and no movable legs.
  • On the holiday season about 28 Lego sets are sold!
  • Lego has been the #1 toy since the 19 hundreds
Now you have learned about Lego and how it started all the way to today You learned how and when they are popular today. You also learned about how mini figures where way different than they are today. Finally, you learned about what Lego became from then to now.