R.D. Seymour School

May 2016

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Mission Statement

We are Seymour School, a community of students, parents, and educators who celebrate learning. At Seymour, curiosity, self-awareness, individuality, and a desire for personal best are nurtured as students learn in a safe and kind environment. We embrace creativity and innovation and foster a spirit of generosity.

We are Seymour School – building bridges to the future.

A Letter From Mr. Roche

May 13, 2016

To: R.D. Seymour School Community,

It is with mixed emotions that I have submitted my letter of resignation as Principal of R.D. Seymour School. It has been an amazing year and I am so proud of the great work accomplished by students and staff. Please know that my resignation stems from the health of my mother and the ability to be with her as she battles two forms of cancer. She has battled Multiple Myeloma for 5 years and I promised myself that I would move to Maine to be with her when her condition worsened. When a position came available, I knew I needed to apply. I did get the position. Shortly thereafter, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. This reaffirmed to me that I made the decision that was right for my family and I. While it is not easy, I have put my own career ahead of family for so long and truly needed to make this decision in the best interest of my family.

East Granby is an incredible town and community and I am honored to have served as principal for the 2015-2016 school year. This community and R.D. Seymour School are an example of everything that is right with public education and I will miss working with everyone. To see the partnership between home and school exemplified each day truly is a privilege.

The East Granby Public Schools are truly blessed to have a team of superstars working at R.D. Seymour. Regardless of who leads this school, you have a staff that makes all the difference. Success will be the inevitable outcome. I am blessed to have been a part of the R.D. Seymour Team.

Thank you for the opportunity that you have given me and I know EGPS will continue to accomplish amazing things! I hope that in some small way and in such a short time, I made a positive difference in the lives of kids.

Please understand that this was a very difficult decision and I appreciate all the support that you have given me as well as the staff at R.D. Seymour.


Christopher Roche

Seymour Invents!

Seymour students whet their interest for inventing by participating in our After School Enrichment program earlier this year.

Seymour School offers students the opportunity to participate in the Invention Convention Workshop offered part of our after school program. A series of lessons are provided to help students to learn about the process of determining problems and designing solutions using engineering principles. There is a great emphasis on creative problem solving and student independence. The sessions are often electric with excitement, creativity and ingenuity.

Following the 6-week-after-school session funded through the CHOICE Academic and Social Support Grant, students are invited to develop a concept and participate in a formal judging process. Inventors who commit to the project spend time developing a model of their invention and maintain an Invention Log which they record the evidence of the invention process. Inventors also make a creative display board to clearly present their invention to others.

On April 7th, Invention Convention Judging Circles took place at Seymour School. Students dressed in handsome finery presented their inventive ideas with enthusiasm to our panels of judges, which included college astronomy and physics professors, engineers, district administrators and political figures. Judges traditionally enjoy the articulate, honest and innovative presence of the young inventors. It is always hard to tell who has more fun on judging day - students or judges! The event ends with the top ranking students being invited to participate in the state convention.

The State Invention Convention is held at Gampel Arena on the campus of The University of Connecticut. UCONN’s School of Engineering hosts the event, and students are offered an opportunity to interact with engineering students as well as other inventors from across the state.

On April 30th, one thousand inventors from across Connecticut representing kindergarten through eighth grade students celebrated innovation and engineering at the Connecticut Invention Convention’s 33rd annual event at UCONN. We are pleased to share with our Seymour families that third grader Jordan Collie received an award for his invention, “The Hydro Turbo Paint Brush Washer”, and fifth grader John Connole was also presented with an award for his intricate “Non-Electrical Radio Solution.”

Both Jordan and John are “serial inventors” who have been through the invention process multiple times. This transformative process helps students to develop strong skills and confidence in the use of tools, approach at design and presenting to audiences. Children are naturally gifted innovators, and at Seymour School, we are proud to support the development of ideas and the engineering spirit.

Congratulations on your accomplishments, gentlemen!

Additional information about Connecticut Invention Convention can be found at www.ctinventionconvention.org

Pictures from left to right:

Jordan Collie and Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman at the Invention Convention held at UCONN; Seymour's mighty team of inventors/participants in the Judging Circle held at Seymour School in early April - Jordan Colli, Ryan Fisk, Oliver Forero, John Connole, Laiken Cormier, Nick Braga, and Evie Smith; John Connole stands by to explain his invention at UCONN.


Seymour School was buzzing with excitement on April 21, 2016 as families navigated through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities at the first Seymour School Family STEM Night. This free event was open to Seymour students and families, and there were close to one hundred participants moving with happy chatter from station to station. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are elements of rich instruction, and prove to be highly engaging to children as well as adults!

The eight stations included the following:

  • Blobs in a Bottle

  • Build a Mighty Machine

  • Heart Rate Math

  • Build a Boat

  • Straw Rockets

  • Space Docking Team Building Activity

  • Computer Animation

  • STEM Mural Creation

As the State of Connecticut moves to roll out the implementation of newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), there will be a greater emphasis on the practices of science and engineering. Students will have increased opportunities to practice hands on/minds on activities and form understandings through inquiry-based teaching. Based on the attitudes and investments witnessed at Family STEM Night, Seymour students are ready for the challenge.

Many Seymour staff members supported this well-attended event and facilitated the activity stations. Staff in attendance included: Susan Dubocq, Staci Murphy, Trish McDonnell, Karen Gogel, Shawn Aglioti, Lena Rosenweig, Katie Goodrow, Susan Judice, Kim Richevicious, Susan Olechna, Mike Pasqua, Tara Disorbo, Jackie Facey and Shannon Karlowicz. Mr. Christopher Roche, School Principal, and Superintendent Dr. Christine Mahoney also were in attendance.

Parents worked diligently beside their children to overcome the challenges set forth at each station. Students celebrated achievements, and the activities instigated discussions about the science behind the results of each activity. As students moved through the hallways, they shared the obstacles, accomplishments and stories of each task. Students proudly carried straw rockets, bottles of oil and colored water and colorful catapults like badges of honor.

The wonderful energy of the evening was summed up by a third grade student who looked over his shoulder as he left and called back, “This was the best night of my life!”

There are plans to incorporate more of these types of events into the schedule in the coming school year. There are many ideas to expand upon the format and include expert speakers. If you have any interest in supporting this initiative, please contact Shannon Karlowicz at Seymour, Grade 5. Stay tuned for the next Seymour Family STEM Night!

S.T.E.M. Night Fun!

And the Winner is....

Earlier in the year, Seymour School implemented The Bus Incentive Program: Riding our Way to Success! You have probably noticed the beads piling up in the numbered jars displayed in our office window – one for each bus – our way of keeping track of rewarded safe behavior as our students ride to and from school.

With the year winding down, it is time to REWARD the bus with the best behavior, and the most beads, of course. As promised, Mr. Roche will hold a PIZZA PARTY on Tuesday

June 14th for the winning bus. Stay tuned for the winner! An invitation will be sent home with your child when counts have been tallied.

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The May Friday Folder is here!

Student Council News

Seymour School's Student Council has the following events on the calendar as we close out the school year
  • Friday May 13th - Student Council Theme Day - Sports Day - no sports equipment, please.
  • Friday May 27th - Patriotic Day - Wear Red, White and Blue
  • Friday June 3rd - Board Game Day! Follow the link to get your permission slip and join the fun

  • Tuesday June 14th - Flag Day - Wear Red, White and Blue
  • Tuesday June 14th - Seymour's Got Talent! Our Talent Show is scheduled for 1:00pm - follow the link for information

Student Council Theme Days

Over the course of this school year, the Student Council has sponsored a variety of theme days which have raised monies to support worthy causes in the Seymour Community and beyond. . .fostering a spirit of generosity. . . building bridges to the future!


Parents of incoming Kindergartners through Grade 4 -- Cross off school supply shopping on your back to school list! Visit www.1stdayschoolsupplies.com and you are just a few clicks away from getting everything you need for next year!!! It is super easy … Click, pay, done! Your child’s kit ships right to the school and is filled with the high quality, name brand products you trust!!! Plus, you will find the prices affordable! The deadline to place your order is June 30th.

And . . . some REMINDERS!

  • We will continue our SBAC testing over the coming weeks - please be sure that your child arrives to school on time and is well rested.
  • Grade 3 students will travel to the Warner Theater on Wednesday May 18th to enjoy the play, Amber Brown is Not a Crayon.
  • East Granby Public Schools will have an EARLY RELEASE on Friday May 20th. Seymour School will have a 1:15pm dismissal.
  • Grade 5 students will travel to the Middle School on May 24th to take part in an Internet Safety Presentation with Scott Driscoll.
  • Grade 5 students will visit Old Sturbridge Village on Thursday May 26th and will not return until about 4:00pm.
  • The ALLGROVE/SEYMOUR ART SHOW will take place at Allgrove School Thursday May 26th beginning at 6:00pm
  • Yearbook Orders are due by Friday May 27th -- Order yours today - follow this link for the order form.
  • Grade 5 students will have their Grade 6 Orientation on Monday June 1st.
  • June 9th we will hold our traditional, end-of-the-year Field Day - volunteers are needed - follow the link if you would like to help
http://www.edline.net/pages/R_Dudley_Seymour_School/2015- 2016_FRIDAY_FOLDER/May_6__2016/Seymour_School_Field_Day
  • We will celebrate those students whose Bus won the "Riding Our Way to Success" Bus Incentive program on June 14th. Those students will be treated to a Pizza Party at lunch.
  • Our FINAL Star Reader luncheon for the year will be held on Monday June 13th at Seymour.
  • We will have our Traditional Seymour School End-of-Year Talent Show on Tuesday June 14th at 1:00pm - follow the link for all the info!