Strong Passwords

How to pick a safe, strong password.

Why should you have a Strong Password

  • To secure your accounts
  • To protect your information

Types of passwords

  • Three types of passwords
  • Strong passwords are harder for people to hack.
  • An example of a strong password is taking a sentence and making it a code.
  • Medium passwords are not super hard for people to hack
  • An example of a meduim password is a word with a number
  • Weak passwords are easy for people to hack.
  • An example of a weak password is a name of a pet.

What Passwords should Contain

  • Strong passwords should contain numbers and letters
  • Strong passwords should be a sentence in a code form
  • Meduim passwords are letters and a number
  • Weak passwords are just letters

Other Tips

  • Change o to 0 in passwords
  • Change s to $
  • Make a sentence into a password
  • Do not use pets as passwords
  • Do not use your birthday in your password
  • Do not use names as a password