Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

April 25, 2019

What is going on?

The kids earned an electronics day for good behavior on the bus ride Friday. The driver complimented them and stated" this is the best class she has ever driven on a field trip."

Way to go!

Thank you very much for all the gifts, cards, pictures, notes and treasures this week! You know how to make a teacher feel loved and special! It is my pleasure to be your teacher! I am so honored! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am blessed!

Please wear the class shirt, comfortable shoes, sunblock, and all lunch items need to be throw away! If you want to send an extra throw away water bottle, have kids bring a little sling backpack. They are very helpful.

Please remind your child to be caring to the animals at the zoo. We need to show good character traits off campus while representing Sommer. Here are the zoo rules.

Zoo guidelines:

  • Treat animals with respect.

  • We have free roaming birds! Show your students what 5 feet looks like – we will ask them to show us when they arrive! This is the minimum amount of space they need to give our birds.

  • Respect boundaries.

  • Do not lean over or cross barrier fences with any part of your body. Stay on marked trails.

  • Do not climb the trees.

  • Leave rocks, sticks, dirt, plants, flowers and animals (chickens, native lizards, insects, …) on the ground.

  • Place trash in the trash cans.

The kids that I have ordering lunch from the cafeteria are Kanav, Emma, Angela, and Sahana. If these kids do not want a school lunch anymore, please inform me. I need to let the cafeteria manager know asap.

All other children need to bring a lunch from home.

The volunteers that I have are: Mrs. Padua, Mrs. Gold, Mrs. Tran, Mrs. Louk, and Mrs. Bobo. If you would like to join us the more the merrier. Please just inform me ahead of time.

The next few weeks we are testing the kids on their end of the year progress. The coming up week is Math and Reading. The tests cover items spiraled through the year.

Good concepts to review are: addition, subtraction, time, money, geometry shapes. Every day I am sending home a study review to review similar questions on the test.

Keep having the kids read nightly and work on math facts. It is not summer yet!

Fun Stem Activities we will do in May- I need some supplies to pull this off! Thank you!

If you can donate please email me. I will update this list.

Pack of paper plates- 30 plus needed (Neer)

2 packs of straws (Neer and Avish)

4 packs of toothpicks (Neer)

2 bags of small sized Marshmallows ( 1 bag from Koen)

2 bags of large sized Marshmallows (1 bag donated by Sanjana and one from Brinkley)

2 boxes of sugar cubes

4 packs of gum drops

2 packs of Index Cards (Pranab)

Box Tops - Due 5/15/19

Clip out Box Tops coupons found on many common food items and household products.

Send them in to school in an envelope/baggie labeled with your child’s grade level.

Kids can turn them in to their teacher or bring them to Coach O in the gym.

Each valid Box Top we receive is worth 10¢ for our school. With your help, this adds up to big money! All the cash earned from collecting Box Tops is used for programs that directly benefit each student at Patsy Sommer Elementary.

· Ask your family & friends to save their Box Tops also!

For more information on the Box Tops for Education program, including a full list of participating products and valuable grocery coupons, please visit:

Dear Parents: If your child has medication in the nurse's office, please pick it up on or before the end of the school day on Thursday May 23, 2019. No medication will be sent home with a student and no medication will be left in the nurse’s office over the summer. If not picked up, it will be disposed of properly.

Thank you,

Michelle Bullock, LVN

Patsy Sommer Elementary Clinic Nurse
Phone: 512-704-0612


April 26 Junie B. Jones Night and Field Trip!

May 2: Career Day/Senior Walk

May 13: STAAR Math/Closed Campus

May 14: STAAR Reading/Closed Campus

May 20 Awards Ceremonies: 1, 2,3,4 (Times TBA)

May 22 EOY Parties-Sponsored by PTA (Times TBA)

May 23 8:30 5th Grade FlugTag!

May 23 Last Day of School for kids

Have a good day!