By: Kyrah Harden

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In this article you will be Learning about YouTube how it was created and who created it and why they created it. This app/website was created on February 14,2005 (valentines day)


The people that created YouTube where chad Hurley, Steve Chen,and Jawed Karim. The inventors created this for people to watch videos and learn how to do things to make life easier for people.

Changes of Youtube

YouTube has had some changes like the updates and and how the pages looks. The quality of the camera but that depends on the that is making the videos camera and how they take the video.

  • YouTube used to be at dating site called "Tune in hook up"
The Surprising History of YouTube!

Interesting Facts

  1. YouTube first headquarters sat above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant in San Mateo.
  2. YouTube was a dating site called tune in hook up.
  3. The domain name didn't sit well with an Ohio based industrial experiment


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