What makes me tick?

Personality, Emotions, and Social/Emotional Intelligence

2nd Period Psychology

Written By Alex Greer

My Personality

Since I was old enough to comprehend I have lived by the words my grandfather told me, "If you are constantly talking you have no way to observe the things around you." When I was younger, I didn't quite understand what he meant by this but as I have matured and had more experiences and interactions with other people I have been able to apply this directly to my own personality. I've never been the one to strive to be the center of attention or constantly be social but I have my reasons for this. I tend to be more reserved and observant than most, I am skilled at noticing little things about certain people or other things that are going on around me.

For as long as I can remember I have been mostly introverted which I can attribute to the way I have been raised, my parents have always been supportive of me but they know that I am fond of spending a great deal of my time alone or with just a few friends so they aren't always on my case or trying to force me into doing things that would make me feel uncomfortable. I can also attribute my introverted personality to my genealogy. My father is a social person but he also enjoys his alone time and my mother is pretty similar to him, but out of all of my relatives I think I am mostly like my grandfather, who I admire and always take advice from.

Since becoming part of the basketball team I have learned to become a little more extroverted when I am playing and to be more socially involved with the team. I have been able to transfer this skill over into my everyday situations by being social and voicing my opinion more than I once did.

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My Emotions

Like my personality, I tend to be quiet and reserved in the way that I express my emotions. Regardless of how they are expressed, everybody feels the emotions of happiness, anger, frustration, and reflective. The things that cause people to showcase their emotions in different ways can be the way they were raised or the experiences that they have had throughout their life that have evoked certain emotional reactions.

The way that I usually interact with or reflect my emotions is usually expressing calm and collected emotions rather than ones of extreme happiness or sadness. I tend to be a more level headed person and never wear my heart on my sleeve. If people around me are exhibiting negative emotions I tend to take myself out of that environment and try to find a more suitable one to me. Although denying negative emotions isn't exactly always possible I have learned how to deal with it in more internal ways.

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My Social/ Emotional Intelligence

I believe the nurture given by my parents has played a huge role in the presence of my social and emotional intelligence. My parents have always reiterated the belief that there are times in which certain emotions are appropriate and times when they aren't. This has made me more considerate of how others around me feel and through this I have been able to get emotional cues from people whether it be the tone of their voice, facial expressions, or body language. This skill has enabled me to be able to see what others are feeling even if they aren't being up front about it.

I have learned through experience that remaining calm is something that I do well and that this skill can benefit me when someone is in a negative mood and I can maintain my calmness and try to understand why they are feeling that way. This way of remaining calm has allowed me to regulate my emotions and be more emotionally intelligent. Being emotionally intelligent has benefited me because I can see situations as a whole and know what factors play in to the emotions of others.

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The Importance of Understanding Myself, My Emotions, and My Social/ Emotion Intelligence

Having an understanding of myself, my emotions, and my social/ emotional intelligence has helped me understand that my emotions are not some random force that I cannot control but that they are all something that can be controlled in most situations. This understanding of my personality has also helped me know that the type of people I surround myself with can influence my own emotions, the environment I am in can influence my emotions, and that the emotions of other people can have an influence on my emotions if I am not emotionally intelligent enough to not let that happen.

Although all people experience emotions of all kinds, most people do not know that they can directly influence the way the people around them act. With this knowledge I will be able to make sure that I am a positive influence to the people around me and that I am not giving off any negative vibes that may become detrimental to the people I associate with. This will benefit me in college when I am around new people in the fact that I can know if they are someone I would want to be around.