Impending Space Doom

cosmic carnage

"Sooner or later disasters such as an asteroid collision... could wipe us all out" -Stephen Hawking, world renowned astrophysicist. Stephe n Hawking is expressing his concerns over impending space doom. If mankind doesn't drive itself to extinction the end of the world will come from space.

Dark Matter Destruction

Lisa Randall, Harvard physicist, believes that the dinosaurs may have gone extinct due to a foreign object from space colliding into the earth. First, in an interview with David Freeman, Randall said that "It encountered a disc of dark matter that dislodged the distant object, thereby precipitating this cataclysmic impact"(Randall 18). Because of this apocalyptic event the dinosaurs became completely extinct. This could very well happen again.

Effects of Impact

Randall conveys her anxiety that this cataclysmic event could reoccur. When asked if we should be worried about the mass extinction reoccurring, she said,"... It's possible that an infelicitously directed one could hit and wipe out a major population center..."(Randall 23). Because it can happen to the dinosaurs it could very well happen to us.


Assuming that mankind doesn't drive itself to annihilation, the end of the world will come from space. Society should ask itself, is it really safe to ignore the possibility of cosmic carnage?