Tulsa Testing Updates: 6/8/15

A Resource for Tulsa Test Coordinators

Post-Code Correction

The SDE post-code correction window is now open for all EOI and OCCT assessments. Please follow these steps for success:

  1. Access the Application through the Oklahoma SDE Single Sign On
  2. Click on Accountability (A-F Report Cards)
  3. Agree to the FERPA information
  4. Click on REPORTS link on the blue bar located at the top of the screen to view the errors for your site.
  5. Go back to the A-F home screen, click on MY SCHOOL
  6. View the flagged errors to reconcile student records
  7. Check your NFAY/FAY status- if you have a discrepancy in the state's calculation on a status, please email ERIN the information needing corrected, including dates the student was dropped
  8. Check student demographics, including ethnicity, SPED and ELL status
  9. Your OAAP student data will show up here as it is provided by DLM and Pearson...make sure these students have scores before you have finished checking!
  10. Once all of the corrections have been completed, email ERIN and BECKY so your site list can then be certified

*Don't wait until the last minute to complete this- it does take some time and effort to thoroughly complete! The deadline is July 13th!

The SDE has some resources for the post-code correction available online HERE. Later this week, there should be a Trainig Video available if this works for your learning needs. However, if you would like some one-on-one help, please come to one of our open lab sessions (see below for the sign up).

For Post-Code FAQs, click HERE.

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Open Lab for Post-Code Help

We will have an open lab at the Enrollment Center computer lab for assisting principals/testing coordinators with data clean up on the Single Sign On. Please use THIS SIGN UP GENIUS as a way to communicate the times and dates you are available for our assistance. We will be happy to work with your summer schedule and are flexible to timing that will accommodate your needs.

Important Dates

EOI Summer Testing at Enrollment Center- June 8-12, 2015

'15 Graduates can pick up diplomas and transcripts- June 18, 2015

All EOI and OCCT Data Post-Code Corrections Deadline- July 13, 2015

Summer School Testing (EOI and 3rd grade reading)- July 6-10, 2015

EOI Summer Testing at TLA- July 13-17, 2015

3rd Grade Reading Test at Enrollment Center- August 4-6, 2015

Happy Summer!

I hope many of you are enjoying your much needed break from school and enjoying relaxing and time with friends and family! Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to making testing a success for 2014-15! I am looking forward to planning ahead for 2015-16! As soon as a testing calendar is compiled for next year, I will post it in the Tulsa BTCs PD360 Group.
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Assessment Team

Erin Lester

Becky Baker

Vicki Shannon

Located at the TPS Enrollment Center- 8AM-4:30PM, Monday through Friday