The Civil Rights Movement

How America Changed.

The civil Rights movement changed america drastically in its short lived run in history. The movement wasn't perfect and there were many problems with it but in the end it was effective and it implemented change by ending institutionalized segregation and for installing a sense of unity in the African american populace which has carried through to this day.

One of the issues with the movement is that even though the laws changed the mindset of the white populace hadn't changed at all and racism was still alive and well. The end of segregation did not end racism and hate crimes against the African Americans.

Tactics and stratagies

Out of the movement there were two well known leaders (MLK and Malcom X) Between the two they both had different strategies. Martin Luther King JR had the philosophy that a peaceful resistance was the way enact change in america. In peaceful protest and marches are the tools and tactics MLK used. On the flip side Malcom X had the idealization that violent protest was the way to go because he felt like the white people were still trying enforce the ideology that whites are better than African Americans. Malcom X used tactics such as riots and aggressive picketing.

Meadger Evers

Meadger was a leader in the African American Community. He was a us soldier who came back and was still treated like a living piece of garbage After he had gotten back so he became a civil rights activist. Meadger evers fought to overturn segregation at the university of Mississippi. One day Meadger was coming home from a social event and got out of his car and was shot in the back killing him instantly.

Emmett Till

Emmett till was a 14 year old boy who had left his home town for the south to visit relatives. While he was away Emmett Made the mistake of talking to a white woman in a corner store and her husband didn't like that at all.The husband and his friend abducted Emmett and beat him so badly that his skull was crushed but Emmett was still alive...until the husband shot him in the head killing Emmett instantly.


The National Association for the advancement of colored people was an organization that helped ensure political, educational, social,and economic equality for African Americans. The CEO of the NAACP is Cornell William Brooks who marched with MLK in Washington D.C.

Black panthers

Founded in 1966 the black panthers fought literally for the ethnic minorities and segregation and discrimination. The leader of the black panthers was Malcolm X. The group used militant ideals to end discrimination in the united states but didn't get far.