Road Trip in the USA


How will we go to the USA? By Helicopter!!

Helicopter may be inconvenient, but this will be a new experience

And it will make a very nice picture

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What Will We Drive On Our Road Trip?

Gradually when we ride a bicycle trip is for, this fast, but it can be observed around is a good way.
We always love to fast, but sometimes I think that slowly.

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WoW!!!!! The bike is faster than the bus!

뉴욕에선 세발자전거가 버스보다 빠르다

What Music Will We Listen To On Our Road Trip?

We hear the first song is 'life is cool'

Beacuse When you hear this song I feel like this is we Select this song.

Life Is Cool

Second music is 'my love'

We chose this song because the melody is good.

I like this song Because I like this melody.

Westlife - My Love