Student iPads

Keep your charger with you at all times; you may need it while at school.

Accessing WiFi Off Campus

WiFi Access on iPad:

Look for the iBoss icon on your iPad screen > Touch the icon > For the Mobile Login type your computer username and password. (See above. Capital letters matter, and there are NO SPACES before, in the middle of, or after the username and password!)

Saving Space

Many of the apps in the Self Service app require a lot of "space" to install and work properly. These are some helpful hints that will allow your apps to function better:

  • Install Google Photos and save pictures and videos there.
  • If deleting pictures and videos from the iPad to make room, when deleting them, they are actually "backed up/saved" in case you want to undelete them. To permanently delete these items, click on "albums," and you will see "recently deleted". Click on "recently deleted," "select all," and delete again to actually remove them from the iPad to free up space needed.
  • Delete music that is not school related.

Other Helpful Miscellaneous Technology Tips for Success at AHS