Tassie Timber


In Tasmania the government wants to open up more old growth forests for loggers and many people are debating because the forests are too imortant to so many people for many reasons. People want to cut them down for money and furniture but others say it will stop tourisim and are too important.
The state government has agreed to open up more old growth forests for loggers. And for money because pulp mills have been closed and some blamed government. So the prime minister said it would help by opening the old growth forests and the state government agreed.
Many people are debating over opening more old growth forests because over years these forests have been protected. Some say too much, some say not enough. And all of a sudden some of the forests were opened.
People don't want to cut down or open more forests because they are too important and will effect tourisim. Because of how many people come see the trees. But others say it will make more money by cutting them down to use for furniture, paper and other wood needs.
In conclusion, tassies are debating over whether to open them up or keep or them closed because they are too meaningful and will stop toursim. Or open them to loggers to make furniture,paper and other needs.What do you think?
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