Incoming 7th Grade Information

February 15, 2021

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Principal Message

We look forward to meeting our Westwood Wolves class of 2023 very soon. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet several of your students in our hallways and classrooms as they participate in our 6th grade band and orchestra after school programs. It was also a pleasure to see your smiling faces at the virtual meeting on Wednesday February 10th.

This semester, we began publishing the Westwood Wire newsletter every 3 weeks. You can access this newsletter, on the Westwood Twitter & Facebook pages, school website and PTA platforms. Our goal is for parent communication to be proactive, timely, and relevant. If you are interested in what is currently going on, please check out our past three Westwood Wires linked at the bottom or at the Westwood Twitter page, school website ( and PTA platforms. In addition to a message from me, the topics include academics, athletics, counseling and fine arts. We hope to continue our collaboration with you by compiling our communication in a way that is meaningful to you and allows you to best engage with the wonderful work being done at Westwood Junior High.

Another way to stay connected is by following the WWJHCLASSOF2027 Facebook page - or This is where you will be able to pre-order spirit wear and yard signs. Additionally, if you would like to be a part of the WWJH PTA Board or if you have any PTA related questions, please contact Teresa Dorman, our outgoing PTA President at

At Westwood, we are most proud of our community, students and exceptional faculty and staff who work as a team to meet the needs of our students and provide rigorous and meaningful instructional experiences.

Please look through the FAQs and additional resources in this newsletter that have expertly curated to address your questions and set your students up for success as they begin their Westwood Wolf experience. The administrative and counseling team looks forward to working with and meeting your students next school year.


Katie Mottram

WWJH Principal

Incoming 7th Grade Information Meeting - Video

Counselors Message

Junior High Jitters: The school day begins at 8:15am and ends at 3:40pm. We don’t know right now if we will be on the same schedule (block schedule) for next year. Schedules will be finalized in August and we will communicate how your student will get theirs. On the first day of school we have an orientation camp the first half of the day where we go over everything your student needs to know about Westwood. Students can enter the building starting at 7:45am either through the front doors or through the back doors into the cafeteria. Don’t worry if you get lost on the first day of school. The best part about Westwood is that every 7th grader is brand new to our school and we have lots of staff members who will help you get to your classes. We also have students who come from all over the district to attend Westwood so you will get to make new friends. It’s okay if you don’t know all the students in your class.

Course Selection: All the information and resources to support students and parents in choosing classes for 7th grade was sent to the elementary student’s counselor. The resources included videos and information about classes available at WWJH. We have many classes that count for high school credit which are designated on the course sheet. Students will submit their class choices for 7th grade through a google doc provided by their elementary counselor. Those classes will be put into our computer system and help us determine our master schedule for the fall. Students will get an opportunity to make changes to their classes for next year the first week of April during course verification. Verification Letters will be emailed out the first week of April. This is the last opportunity to make any changes to their classes for the fall. The classes students choose determines what our schedule looks like in the fall and cannot be changed after course verifications. Student schedules are not finalized until August. We will communicate how students will get their schedules in August once that is finalized.

Online Enrollment for the 2021 - 2022 School Year

Please note that the pre-registration process of students choosing their classes for the next school year is separate from student enrollment. Parents will receive an email from your current elementary school with a code to complete the enrollment process for the 2021-2022 school year on March 1st.

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year begins online starting at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, March 1. Parents can learn what information and documents are required to enroll by visiting Leading up to March 1, RISD’s Parent University will host virtual sessions, translated into multiple languages, to explain the enrollment process and answer questions.


504/Special Education

  • Does every course give equal access to use the accommodations on a student's IEP?

Teachers receive students’ IEPs with their accommodation plan during the teacher in-service week in August. Each student is assigned a Special Education case manager who will work with the student and communicate with the parent. Teachers are responsible for following the student’s accommodation plan.

  • What does the 504 plan take care of/cover?

Section 504 provides learners with equal access to the benefits of school services and programs as age appropriate peers. It is not intended to maximize grade potential. Rather, it allows the learner an equal opportunity to succeed.

Athletics/Physical Education

  • Which sports require a student to take athletics?

Girls Athletics - Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball and Track

Boys Athletics - Football, Basketball and track

Students who only want to play soccer or tennis do not need to be in athletics. Boys cross country does not require students to be in athletics.

  • Does having asthma impact a student playing a sport?

All Students who are in athletics must have a UIL Physical completed by a doctor to

clear them to participate in athletics. We have had many students with asthma

successfully participate in athletics and compete for Westwood. Parents who have

specific concerns about their student should address them with their doctor and or the

boys/girls athletics coordinator.

  • Do we have to pick a sport in athletics?

Yes in athletics, you must participate in a sport. If you do not want to participate in a sport, you should take physical education.

  • Can students take both orchestra and athletics?

Yes students can take athletics and orchestra.

  • Can students be in athletics & do zero leadership?

7th grade students cannot participate in athletics and do zero hour. The before school practice and leadership will conflict. Therefore, it is not allowed.

  • Is PE a mandatory elective?

All students must take P.E. or Athletics in junior high. We recommend that students take the class in 7th grade. If P.E. or Athletics is not taken in 7th grade, they must take it in 8th grade.

  • If a child is in a competitive sport can they receive approval to use that daily practice for athletics or PE credit? What is the process for approval?

The arrangement and agreement of off campus P.E. occurs between the school

district, the student, and an off-campus facility. Activities available through the off-campus program are limited to ballet and Olympic activities approved by the Texas Education Agency that are not offered comprehensively through the physical education or athletic Departments. For additional information about off campus P.E. please contact Kellie Sellers at

Gifted and Talented Program

  • Are GT classes specific to a period or random based on the schedule demand?

GT classes are not specifics to a specific class period.


  • Do we register for Algebra 1 if we are planning to take the CBE over the summer?

No, you would sign up for Math 7 PreAP. Students will need to sign up to take

the Math 7 and Math 8 Credit by Exam over the summer. We will receive scores and will

change the math class of those who pass into Algebra 1. If student doesn’t pass or

doesn’t sign up for the CBE will stay in the math course they choose during


Other- Category not listed

  • Are Pre-AP classes required?

At Westwood, students are only required to take Pre-AP Science.

  • Will Westwood have an afterschool program in the 2021 - 2022 school year?

We do not know if we will have an afterschool program next year.

  • Can my kid pick 4 electives?

Students can only select 3 electives. It is only possible for a student to have 4 electives if they are in the zero hour leadership class.

  • Does high school credit classes taken in junior high factor into a student’s GPA?

High school credit classes taken in junior high do not impact the student’s high school grade point average.

  • What is LEAD Academy?

Lead academy is our advisory class.

  • Which classes are required?

The required classes are Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Also, students must take P.E. or athletics in junior high

  • The link to accept is not working, how will I accept?

If the link to accept your offer to attend Westwood is not working, please contact someone from the magnet program office. Their number is 469.593.0442.

Other Electives

  • Does math based science replace a Math or Science class?

No, math based science (investigating engineering) is an elective course. Students still take a math and science class.

  • Which electives does Westwood offer that’s similar to fashion design?

Our electives can be found on our Course Card . Explanations can be found on our Cheat Sheet , Course Showcase or Mapping My Future.

  • Which electives are available at Westwood?

Our electives can be found on our Course Card . Explanations can be found on our Cheat Sheet , Course Showcase or Mapping My Future.

  • Is Math Based Science only offered to 7th grade students?

Yes Math Based Science is only offered to 7th grade students.

  • Is Investigating Computer Science only offered to 7th grade students?

Investigating Computer Science is offered to both 7th and 8th grade students.

  • What time does zero hour Leadership class start, and does zero hour count toward one of the three electives?

The zero hour leadership class starts at 7:30 and ends at 8:07. The zero hour class is not one of the student’s 3 electives.

  • Is Principles of Business only for 8th graders?

The principles of Business, Marketing and Finance is only for 8th grade students. For 7th grade students, investigating business and marketing is available.

  • Can you explain health integrated science?

Integrated health allows students to learn about proper care for the body through fitness and nutrition, diseases and disorders, and the dissection of a chicken wing, heart, kidney, brain, and a fetal pig. Students also learn Latin root words used in science and medical terminology. This course meets the graduation requirement for .5 Health credit. For additional information about integrated health, visit our Course Showcase or Mapping My Future handbook.

Additional Resources

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