Core Values

Tradesmen International

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Safety, Honesty, Customer Responsiveness and Quality

Our core values of Safety, Honesty, Customer Responsiveness and Quality drive our business. All of our employees and skilled craftsmen gladly accept and abide by these values which affect every aspect of our business.


Safety is our company’s number one core value, and we take it exceptionally serious. So serious, that completing an OSHA Compliant Safety Training Course is a “condition of hire” for all our skilled craftsmen and field office personnel. There are no exceptions.

Client Safety Training

We offer various types of Safety Training, including both 10-Hour and 30-Hour OSHA training programs, in addition to Safety Program Development services to all construction companies. This training is conducted at our local field offices by our OSHA Certified instructors. We would be pleased to set up a meeting with you and one of our local Safety Specialists who can be reached at the Tradesmen location nearest you, or by asking for our National Safety Director at 800.573.0850.


On an equal level of importance to safety, honesty ensures that all our clients are treated fairly and know what to expect when working with Tradesmen. With an honest assessment of our employees’ skill levels, we supply our clients with workers who meet or exceed their expectations. If we are unable to meet a specific skill level requested, we’ll notify you immediately and offer logical alternatives. Accuracy in craftsmanship is critical to your productivity and we will never knowingly fill a request with a worker that doesn’t meet your needs.

Customer Responsiveness

Being quick to respond to our client needs is what sets us apart. We begin by asking you questions that enable us to pinpoint your specific skilled labor need. We then select the right person for a job and make sure the skilled craftsmen arrive at the job on time and with their own tools. We address any concerns and monitor the job to completion with on-site visits by our field and safety representatives. This level of customer responsiveness increases productivity, making us a valuable partner to the contractors we serve.


Providing our clients the best value for every dollar they spend with us is only possible by ensuring we provide the best quality service and craftsmen available in the industry. In our estimation, top quality
can only be achieved by investing in both our skilled trade people and our field office personnel.
We do so by requiring in-depth safety training for 100% of our field office and craftsmen employees. In addition, we offer NCCER skill training opportunities for our employees. Our field office personnel are required to participate in on-going training workshops held at our corporate offices. These workshops
are truly comprehensive and ensure that those individuals who service your needs understand your business, the particulars of the various trades, and how to assist all sizes of contractors in maximizing their labor productivity while reducing overall labor costs. All Tradesmen International employees,
whether craftsmen or office staff, are evaluated consistently in order to make certain clients
receive service and skill expertise that exceed expectations.