How to Prevent burns & fires.

Accident Causes

Accidents from getting burned and have things on fire can have many different reasons. When it comes to cooking , it come from the lack of carelessness. If you cared you will make sure there isn't a fire or you cut yourself. Don't get me wrong its not always the person who is cooking fault. Many possible things can happen.

Prevention of Burns & Cuts

  • Cuts
  • Use a cutting board. Don't cut food or others in your hand.
  • Do not try to catch a falling knife. Let it drop. Pick it and grab a new clean one.
  • Do not pick up broken glass with your hands, use a broom for the larger pieces & use a wet towel for the smaller pieces.
  • Burns
  • Keep electrical appliances away from stove, water, sink or other heat sources
  • Hold the plug , not the cord.
  • Don't plug to many appliances into one plug.