Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 9: Monday 9th - Friday 13th March

Dates for the Diary

Production Workshop: Saturday March 14th - 8:30am - 12:30pm

Production performances: Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th 7pm

The Time Tunnel Exit point: Tuesday 14th April

Roots, Shoots and Fruits Entry Point: Wednesday 15th April

Science trip: Thursday 23rd April

ICT Open Lessons:

DNi: Monday 4th May @ 9:20-10:20

CDo: Monday 4th May @ 2:00-3:00

ABa: Wednesday 6th May @ 9:20-10:20

Next week's Virtue of the Week is

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Language Arts

This week in Language Arts the children have identified a number of literary techniques used to describe settings in historic fiction including: powerful verbs, specific details, imagery and sentence structures.

The children have gone on to craft further pieces of writing in the historic genre, including the above techniques to strengthen their own writing.

Moving forward, the children will be invited to plan, draft and write a full short story. Continued reference back to the features identified in modeled texts from earlier sessions will be encouraged throughout the week.


Maths Week (Data Handling) was a fun-filled week for the children. We discussed about the different kinds of graphs and what the purpose of a graph is. The children were also involved in a graph competition where they had to create a graph with the information provided.

We also collected data from the children and the information was displayed on the graphs. Graphs were displayed all over the school. The children enthusiastically went round the whole school to cast their votes for the graphs. They were also encouraged to analyse and interpret the information displayed on the graphs.

The Grade 5 children are still working on the topic-Percentage. They are in the process of working on the two different types of percentage word problems.

1) Express a whole number out of another whole number as a percentage.

2) To find a percentage of a quantity.


The children have focused this week on their research skills. After looking at the life of Raffles last week, the children had a choice of other significant people to find out about. The children were given key questions to find the answers to using a variety of sources. We discussed with the children the different ways to research and how to use the various sources.

The Internet is a very popular source for the children, but it is not always the most efficient. We have been demonstrating how to narrow done their searches and how to quickly evaluate whether the source is useful or not.

On Thursday we went to visit the Images of Singapore attraction. This gives an interesting look at how Singapore has changed and is also very exciting. The children got to walk through the jungle of Temasek , got offered work as a coolie and had to evacuate a cinema due to an air raid. Since the attraction is now owned by Madam Tussaud's we also got to look at their hall of fame.

The children will continue their work on Singapore's history next week; building up their knowledge and understanding of how the past has influenced how we live today.

Town Hall Survey

Please take part in our Town Hall survey to help the Leadership Team better understand how future Town Hall meetings and communication can be improved. It will take less than 5 minutes of your time - responses will be anonymous and results will be shared. Regardless of whether you attended the Town Hall meetings, we value your feedback! Click here to take part -

Survey closes Friday 20 March.

Production Information

You should now have your tickets for your chosen viewing, please note the whole cast will be required to attend both performances.

Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th March 7pm - Elementary School Hall

Children will be given their arrival times next week for hair and make up. Please ensure your child is there promptly.

Remember to keep your tickets in a safe place as you will need these to gain entrance on the night.

Homework for Week 10


Research project on an chosen historical event. Full details in IPC Homelearning books. Final Submission Date Tuesday 14 April

Language Arts

Reading Journal task chosen by class teacher. Submission date Monday 23rd March


Children will have a task set by their Maths teachers.

Monday's submission date - Wednesday 11th February

Wednesday's submission date - Friday 13th February

HEART Program Introduction Evening

Next term the Grade 5 children will begin their HEART Program education. The Grade 5 children will have 3 workshops: Who am I? Things are Changing and Learning to Love Myself (self esteem).

To help parents further understand this important part of the UES Curriculum.There will be one workshop for parents to introduce the program and give them some tips on puberty/sexual education. The workshop will take place in the ES Hall on April 14, at 7:30pm.

If you have any questions about this program and workshop please do not hesitate to contact me via my email

Kind regards,

Neil Corrigan

Head of the UES