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May 16, 2016

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I can't believe it is the end of another school year! We have accomplished so much this year, and our little Skyhawks have been so lucky to have you as their teachers!!! I want to thank each of you for all that you do each day at Cedar Hill!!! Your hard work, dedication and drive to always do what is best for student learning truly makes Cedar Hill the best school around!!!! I hope each of you has a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating summer!!! Each day is precious and goes by so quickly! Enjoy every minute with your family, children and friends!!!

School's Out! - Invitation From Jenny

Faculty Meeting on Monday:

Bring your iPad to the faculty meeting Monday morning. We'll be looking at PD offerings this summer in My Learning Plan. The meeting will begin in the library at 8:05.

The following people will cover duties:

-Kim W., Ezaria - 2, 3, 4- Outside Walk

-Joane- Greet buses and escort bus riders to gym and then go outdoors to help supervise 2, 3, 4 walkers

-Leanne- 8:00-8:50- Cafeteria Duty

-Jessica, Sam- K, 1, 5- Gym


JCPS Open Enrollment period ends on Monday, May 16, 2016. You must enroll online through the Jefferson City Public School District’s benefits system, Bswift, to make your 2016-2017 benefit elections:

  • Bswift site:
  • Username = firstname.lastname
  • Password = {you established a new password last spring during open enrollment} If you've forgotten your password, there is a Forgot-Password link on the page.

Employees may login to the open enrollment website as many times as they wish, and make changes at any time through the May 16 deadline. Instructions on how to enroll can be found on the JCPS Bswift enrollment website ( under Library.

More detailed information regarding this can be found in an email sent to you on April 20


Jen and Steph will talk to the staff Monday at our final staff meeting about summer professional development. Summer Professional Development is open on My Learning Plan. If you are interested in any of the professional development, please try to sign up as soon as possible.


There have been some changes to our three contracted days prior to school starting for 2016-2017 that I need to put on your radar before you leave for summer break.

  • Teachers who are not under an extended contract because they have been in the district less than three years will return for 3 work days beginning on Monday, August 15.
  • As far as I know, Opening Session will be on Monday, August 15.
  • ELEMENTARY OPEN HOUSE IS ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 16 FROM 5:00-7:00 PM THIS YEAR. A lot of discussion has occurred regarding the things that need to be done AFTER the open house in order to be truly ready for the first day of school and so this date has been changed this year.
  • Sometime during those three days, there will be potentially 4-6 hours of PD at each building focused around ICLE and the district behavior supports that will be put in place.

All of you are SO conscientious about having your rooms ready and preparing for our kiddos that I wanted you to know what those three days might hold so you can plan accordingly. Sometimes knowing allows us to plan ahead so it isn't stressful and overwhelming.

End Of Year Events

If you plan to keep a student from attending all or part of special end-of-the-year events, please contact parents ahead of time and send me an email so the office has the list of names. Grade levels will need to have a teacher supervise any students not attending special events. if it is a disciplinary consequence from the office, we will make the arrangements ourselves.

K-4 Portfolios

Please make sure your beginning, middle, and end-of-the-year writing samples and their scoring guides are placed in each of your student's portfolios. Some portfolios are still in the teacher workroom! When all is complete with the portfolios, please place them back in the grade-level storage box in the lounge closet for the next grade level teachers.

Infinite Campus- The portal is open so you can begin entering all grades!!

Please clean your projection filters.

Visit the Lost and Found This Week

Please take your class down and visit the Lost and Found. There are SO MANY jackets, tops, pants and coats waiting to go back to their owner. I will have Roger bag clothing on Wednesday.

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Active Supervision:

Let's stay strong with our active supervision and be patient with the students as they are excited to be almost to summer break - just like the adults! ;-)

**Spread out on the playground and actively move, scan and pay close attention while on duty. We've had too many students on the playground this past week. Please do not go out on the playground if another grade level is outside at recess. Use the front play area if your class needs to go out for a special activity. Thanks!

Cedar Hill Alumni Orchestra Performance

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Calendar of Events

May 16

Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:10- Faculty Meeting- My Learning Plan/Summer PD + New Behavior Classroom Overview + meet Bridgett Frank, Tiffany Singer, and Shonna McFarland

9:30-10:30- Promotion Practice

May 17

Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:20- TST2 (SS) Girard, Werdehausen, Rost

Field Day - Schedule to come from PTO

4:00- Kathy Foster's Retirement Reception- Miller Center

May 18

Walking Day 2, 3, 4

9:30-10:30- Fifth Grade Promotion Practice

12:15- Fifth Grade Pizza Luncheon/Roller Skating Promotion Party- Sk8 Zone

4:00- Lorie and Jessica attend Behavior Task Force Meeting- Dix Road

May 19- Last Day of School

Walking Day- 3, 4, 5;

8:30-8:50- K, 1, 2- upstairs to their locations (5th graders may remain inside with an adult if they need to sit in the chairs due to clothing worn.)

9:30- Promotion in gym- Grades 3, 4, and 5 attend ceremony

Perfect attendance award winners will come to assembly and sit in the front (right). They will be taken upstairs upon receiving their award.

No lunch recesses. All classes will receive a schedule to walk down, get their sack lunch and return to the classroom to eat and enjoy last-day-of-school activities with their teacher.

12:50- School is dismissed!

*4:00- Please check-out prior to 4:00 today. I will be here after 1:30 on Friday.

4:30- Party at Cheryl's

Lunch Bunch!!! Clipping Off The Chart!!!!!

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