Land and climate

Panama is smaller than South Carolina. The soil is very fertile due to vocanic activety. The average temp is about 80 degrise in the mountains. The average temp in the low lands is 55 degrise. Panama is a mountinous country that coneks Central America and South America. The Panamas conal gos through Panama City


the history of Panama

The history of Panama has ben effected by its strgtegic location betwen the Alantic and the Pasific ocean. In 1502 Panama was claimed by Colombis for Spain. Panama served for a shiping port for shiping Incan treasres to Spain. In the 1821 Panama became seperated from Spain rule and Panama then became one of Columbeas proinces. In 1880 France tried to bild a canal across the narow isthmus but they had very por planing and very little financiing. While the men were bilding this canal the yellow fever broke out and killed more than 20,000 lives wether it was the men or other people no one nows. Then in November, 1903 Panama became a independent country. Omar Torrijos Herral, who was the comander of Panamas natinol gard, seized control of his home country in 1968. Although he ruled the country as a dicdor. He gave over his control to his home country to a civilian adminstration in1978. Most of the people, who are called panananians, now remember him as a natinal hero. He died in a controversial plan crash in 1981.


Panama is a multiparty democracy. The preident of Panama serves a five year term. they have 71 seat natinol assembly has several active parties.


Panama is working to revive its potertially strong economy after many years of paical instability.

my vacation to Panama