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Volume 2, Issue 1

January 2015

ECHS Technology Professional Learning - Check Out All Our TECHNOLOGY/STEM Lessons for Teachers!

Micki Byrnes, Matt East and Martha Milam have had a fantastic year with our teachers who are ready to learn and implement STEM in the classroom. Please join our EDMODO Group to see the latest "lessons" on technology that ECHS teachers are using.
Use Group Code "igut2g" OR the URL (which never expires like group codes do)

September: Google Apps https://coweta.edmodo.com/file?id=50bfae546afed8d2281588782b9a7fad

October: Content Curation https://coweta.edmodo.com/file?id=4216742ba21bbd24ddf3ca45ef9cc2f8

November: EduCanon https://coweta.edmodo.com/file?id=9f508a8c35200c7b0b6256335f64be8e

December: LiveBinders https://coweta.edmodo.com/file?id=185cd988704de47106f9fe9f68157c66

January: BYOT NOW: Apps in Your Hand https://coweta.edmodo.com/file?id=ebaa0f1bd452532410423903191eacaf
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The Coweta STEM School Recognition Program for Teachers

The Coweta STEM School Recognition Program is open to teachers in ALL departments. To qualify as a Coweta STEM Classroom, you must complete FIVE STEM-based lesson plans per school year. Focus on two main components of your STEM lesson: one component being that there is a "DESIGN" element, in which students create a part of the activity in order to address a real-world situation. The other necessary component for non-math/science/tech teachers includes a "STEM" element. For math, science, technology teachers, there needs to be a "CROSS-CURRICULAR" activity involved. Once the five lessons, labs, or projects are completed, the teacher will submit an activity log and then submit documentation of ONE lesson on the High School STEM Edmodo Page. Once you qualify as a STEM teacher, you earn the badge below to add to your email signature!

Teachers on a horizontal team often use many of the same lessons, and each teacher who implements the lesson can include it as one of the five lessons. Collaboration simplifies the path to obtaining STEM certification for many teachers.

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The NEW Georgia STEM Laureate Program

A NEW program has been unveiled this year. The state of Georgia has established a Georgia STEM Laureate Program, and Coweta County has followed suit with an identical Coweta STEM Laureate Program. Your efforts for either of the STEM Laureate Program will satisfy both programs. See the Power Point Presentation at: https://coweta.edmodo.com/post/368339045. STEM Activities such as professional development, conferences, outreach, STEM competitions, and community & post-secondary relationships. Register for the STEM Laureate Program at: http://goo.gl/WcIfbZ. See http://stemgeorgia.org for more details.
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Committee for the Georgia STEM Program Certification & the Tri-State Water Wars Project

Candice Mohabir is now leading the STEM Committee, whose goal is to earn STEM Program Certification through the Georgia Department of Education. Having classes designated with the "STEM" label allows us to track the STEM Academy students who are participating in ongoing projects. The committee is working on ways to streamline the STEM courses in order to best address the certification process.

Students in Advanced Chemistry (a STEM class) researched the Tri-State Water Wars. "Chemists" designed water filters, "Engineers" designed dams, "Ecologists" and "Lawyers" conducted research on various components of the issue. Below is a presentation by "lawyers" Sam Fulton and Allison Stevens on the Tri-State Water Wars.

Must-See You Tube Video by Sophomores Sam Fulton & Allison Stevens: Tri-State Water Wars

Sam Fulton/Allison Stevens Science Fair 2014 Deluxe Edition
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Nadine Green sampling biological specimens at the Food Processing Laboratory at Georgia Tech

  • Nadine Green, Candice Mohabir, and Martha Milam had a great experience in June 2014 with teachers from the state of Georgia touring business that employ a wide variety of people in STEM careers. The teachers visited Cisco Technologies, Google, CryoLife (Heart Transplant Technology), Hartsfield Jackson Airport, Georgia State BioBus, and the Georgia Tech Invention Studio. The BioBus is a traveling team of students with hands-on crime investigation lessons. They visited Forensics and Chemistry classes here at ECHS recently as a result of learning about it at the STEM Institute.

Matt East's Paper Airplane STEM Lesson in ECONOMICS

NEW AP Science Courses for 2014-15

AP Environmental Science (APES) is a new ONE SEMESTER course at ECHS. Students learn how every aspect of their lives impacts the planet and ways to decrease that impact. APES is one of the most important classes a student can take in high school. Regina Ahmann is teaching APES, and the course has been very popular with students: sophomores, juniors, and seniors!

AP Physics was redesigned and turned into two one-semester courses: AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2. The changes have allowed for a more thorough study of motion and forces to establish a great physics foundation in AP 1. Students spend 25% of class time in the lab setting with the availability to use multiple sources of technology including slow motion videography to collect data and interpret results. Students worked with greater levels of autonomy and developed laboratory experiments to replicate standard physics concepts. In AP 1 (Fall 2014 and Spring 2015) participated in a real world extension project to develop and test the validity of the texting and driving controversy. In AP 2 (Spring 2015) will participate in the Tri-State Water Wars school wide STEM project as well as a second real world extension project on designing a boat. Kristi Lanave and Karen Pompeo teach AP Physics.

Field Trip for AP Environmental Science and Zoology Class

Students in Regina Ahmann's AP Environmental Science and in Dekima Leaphart's Zoology Classes toured the B.T. Brown Water Treatment Plant on a cold morning to learn about the biology and chemistry of water treatment, and the important technological tools used right here in Coweta County. Thanks to Ann Ruhala for serving as a chaperone for the trip.
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Students in the Workforce in Our Community: The STEM Internships

Talk to these students about their STEM work experiences. Many of them are choosing college and career paths because of this great exposure to the working world. They would love to share their stories and experiences with you.

Jacob Story

Kroger Pharmacy

Tevin Brown
National Weather Service in Peachtree City

Saeyoung Lee

Piedmont Newnan Hospital – Operating Room/Surgery

Nathan Antwi

Yamaha Environmental Department

Jeriah Jackson

Yamaha Process Engineering Department

Chase Pack

Fall Semester: GA Bone & Joint - Casting Department
Spring Semester: Pidemont Newnan Hospital-Progressive Care Unit

Will Lindquist

Yamaha Product Finishing Department

Sarah Savoie

Pidemont Newnan Hospital-Medical Technology/Laboratory

Misselly Florian

Pidemont Newnan Hospital-Neonatal Unit

Elizabeth Schramm

Pidemont Newnan Hospital

Haylea Mannebach

Pidemont Newnan Hospital

Lily Ammon

The Summit –Georgia Rehab Warm Springs

Brydan Blachura

Pidemont Newnan Hospital – In-Patient Physical Therapy

STEM Intern Spotlight: Misselly Florian

Misselly Florian, one of our oustanding ECHS seniors, worked in the Neonatal Clinic at the Piedmont Newnan Hospital. Misselly spent one block per day of her fall semester working as a STEM Intern.

Since her internship, she now volunteers at the Coweta Samaritan Clinic taking vital signs and working closely with patients. She plans to study neonatal nursing at the University of West Georgia next year.

Misselly is pictured below with nurses and a doctor from the neonatal unit. Misselly is pictured on the far right.
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STEM Extracurricular Activities for ECHS Indians - Highlights for the Year

A Brief Summary of the STEM Clubs and Teams

Academic Bowl: Our Academic Bowl Team had a great year so far! JV finished 2nd in our RESA and qualified for another trip to the National Academic Championships in Washington, D.C. this May! Our JV team includes Paul Anderson, Sarah Akbar, Kate Lee, Emma Helfers, Nicole Tansey, Will Jerrell, Cameron Davis, and Sam Belisle. Our Varsity team finish 4th in the RESA. Both teams qualified for the State championships! Our Varsity team includes Sonny Kim, Kyle Kenobbie, Andy and Oliver Truong, Ben Belisle, Chae Bin and Chae Eun Park, Cassandra Bure, Hasam Anwar, Jesus Mireles, and Devon Childers. COACH: Todd Crafton

Environmental Club: Students help with the school wide recycling effort Thursdays after school. They also participate in environmental volunteering opportunities outside of school. SPONSOR: Regina Ahmann

Mu Alpha Theta:The East Coweta High School chapter of Mu Alpha Theta operates under the umbrella of the national Mu Alpha Theta organization. Each year ECHS issues invitations to students that meet the requirements for membership. These requirements include, but are not limited to, grade average minimums for math courses, core minimum grade average, and recommendations from ECHS Mathematics Faculty. The primary activity of the Mu Alpha Theta chapter at ECHS is the offering of after-school help sessions. This peer tutoring opportunity is offered to any student at ECHS on a voluntary basis and without any monetary cost to the student seeking assistance. Through this activity Mu Alpha Theta members support the entire mathematical community at ECHS. SPONSOR: Gene Robinson

Science Olympiad: Our team won medals at our recent tournament at Brookwood High School: Protein Modeling (Cassie Bure, Minju Kwon, Sarah Akbar), Entomology (Devon Childers, Victor Nguyen). Our building team is building a Bridge, a Rube Goldberg device, a launched Glider, a Scrambler vehicle, and a Compound Machine. COACH: Martha Milam

STEM Academy: In December, the STEM Academy held its Grand Induction Ceremony to welcome a new group of students. STEM Academy students pursue schedules that are rigorous in science and math courses, complete volunteer hours, and participate in math & science competition. They took a trip to UGA Griffin in the fall to explore the Young Scholars Program. SPONSORS: Melanie Tomlinson, Rose Wallace, and Candice Mohabir

Math Team: Students will build a mousetrap and test speed and distance in preparation for a competition this spring. In November, the math team competed at Kennesaw State; the majority of our team ranked in the upper 50th percentile of the nation's brightest mathematics students! COACH: Nadine Green.

ECHS MATH TEAM Students Serving as Peer Tutors

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A Visit from the UGA Bug Zoo

The ECHS Science Olympiad TEAM @echscioly hosted its First Tournament right here in Sharpsburg, GA

Courtnie Vickery and Andrew Lee win a medal in the Forensics Event. Awards for 23 Science, Technology & Engineering Events were given to teams from 13 different schools from the state of Georgia.
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Show Us Your STEM Success Stories!

Send in photos or descriptions of your students doing STEM for the next newsletter. Include any STEM lessons, technology lessons, cool BYOT stuff, building or design projects, and more. We are incorporating plenty of STEM into our curriculum for our ECHS students, and they love learning because of all you do. Keep up the great work!