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how Chinese helped build the C.P.R

As many as 17 000 Chinese men came to B.C to`help build the rail road. The rail road part they were building streched from port moody to eagle pass. This part had lots of mountains the Chinese were givin the most dangerus partand only got $1.00 a day. The canadians were givin $1.50 to$2.50 per day for hammering nails. meny died from explosinse


Some tradtions are like the dragon robe this robe has dragons printed on it. It is cool because only emporers wore them. other traditions are like DRAGONS!!! They use dragons at all parades dragons are like a symbol for china.

traditonal medicene

#1: Apuncture is usaly considered safe when used by expirenced docters. apuncture is were to take special needals and put them in presure point's to calm them.#2; tai chi and qi gong are genarly safe. It is two mind and body practise used in traditonal chinese medicine
or TCM. #3 chinese herbal medicine is thousands of compunds manly plants and some animal products. Here are some of the parts of the plants stem,roots,leaves,seeds and flowers. Herbs are often combined into formulas and served as teas,capsuls,liquad extas,granules, or powders.