The Maze Runer

James Dashner

In the begainning

A boy wakes up in a box with no memory of his past, other than his name Thoumas.When the elevator doors open, he is pulled into a glade by a group of teenage boys who also have no memory besides their name.

The characters

Thoumas,Teresa,Alby,Minho,Chuck,Gally,Newt and lots more.

In the middle

Gally and Toumas were having a fight if they were going to go into the maze or not.Thoumas gather up the people that were going into the maze .That night when he was sleeping in his dream he had these flash backs and he would have them every night. The next day the elevator doors opened and there was nothing but a girl and she was the last thing that would ever come again.

At the end

They went in the maze and lots of people died but if you want to know how they got out of the maze you have to read the book

Read It!