Hawk Headlines

Knob Hill Elementary School

Weeks of October 28th and November 4th

Upcoming Events:

10/28 Kinder @ Fetzer Training

1:00 Carrie @ D.O.

10/29 1st Grade Ms. Frizzle Rm. 22

4th Gr w/ Heather and Dana

9:30 Carrie @ D.O.

10/30 2:30 PLC- Kinder/1st grade Writing Safari Live in Rm. L2

3:30 Social Committee Meeting Rm. 3

10/31 Math TOSA's with 2nd and 3rd gr

Spirit Day- Orange and Black- Kinder wear costumes

11/1 9:00 Family Reading Friday


11/4 F/P Window opens

11/5 8:00 Carrie @ Conference

11/6 11:00-11:30 Long Recess (No afternoon primary recess)

2:30- PLC

3:30 Sibling Conference Schedule Meeting Rm. L2

11/7 10:30 Dr. Holt @ KH

6:00 ELAC

11/8 End of Tri 1

8:45 Flag Salute- BUG


1. Ashley Palese will be leaving Knob Hill but will always be part of the Knob Hill Family. Her last day is Friday, November 1st. She's moving to the east coast. We wish her luck on her new adventure and she will be missed!

2. Please welcome Allison Cubillas and Kimmy Okerson to the Knob Hill Family. They will be joining the Intervention Team and will be starting Monday, November 4th.

3. Family Reading is Friday, November 1st. You will receive the book and bookmarks on Wednesday, October 30th.

4. Reminder- Please complete the Baseline Assessment Data Worksheet and the Assessment Analysis Worksheet after completing a Math Unit. Also, please send me your PLC notes from your meetings.

5. Look for information for Long Recess. It is on Wednesday, November 6th from 11:00-11:30.

6. Conference Sibling Schedule Meeting is on Wednesday, November 6th at 3:30. Please do not schedule your sibling conferences prior to the meeting.

7. Speak Up Survey- Please visit our website and complete the Speak Up Survey.

Encourage students and parents to complete survey too!

8. November Patriotic Song- You're a Grand Ol' Flag

9. Information for STAR Enterprise from Renaissance

STAR Enterprise flyer: http://doc.renlearn.com/KMNet/R004592506GM2E0F.pdf

Short description of the different reporting capabilities.

Reports Tour: http://www.renlearn.com/se/setour.aspx

Contains short video overviews on each type of report, as well as pdf samples to explore further.

October Birthdays

Oct. 6 Rebecca

Oct. 21 Jay

Oct. 22 Denise

Oct. 29 Diane