Junior High Soar

Norfolk Junior High

By Jadyn

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Egg Falls Off Wall

On April 23, 1998, at 4:32 p.m, an egg named Humpty Dumpty tumbled off a brick wall. The unlucky egg crashed to the ground after he was admiring the beautiful view. A bug flew in his face and he tried swatting it away, when he lost his balance and plunged to his devastating death. The following day all the king’s horses and men found the remains of this poor egg. Then when they arrived at the hospital, they realized they could not put Humpty back together again. The entire kingdom gathered after his heartbreaking death.
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The Lion King (Trailer)

Lion King Movie Review

Soon to be King, Simba gets put into a sticky situation with his father passing away. Now he has to become the new king. But he gets lost with two unlikely friends and learns a new way of life, “Hakuna Matata,” which means no worries. Then when his kingdom needs him, Simba isn’t sure he is ready to come back. He finds help along the way to gain his confidence back.

Robin Williams Suicide

Robin Williams was found dead on the date of August 11, 2014. Williams committed an act of suicide by what investigators believed, using a belt in a bedroom door. Williams was sober, but suffering from depression, anxiety, and the early stages of Parkinson’s disease when he died. Robin had “a recent increase in paranoia.” No illegal drugs or alcohol were involved. The investigators found a lot of information about the suicide, such as his phone was dead when they found it in his pocket, but after they charged it they found no messages referring to suicide. He was also said to be wearing black jeans and a black short sleeve T-shirt. Williams was too young to die at the age of 63, but he will live in our hearts forever.
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Inspirational Poster


Jadyn Robinson went to Norfolk High School, and in high school she participated in volleyball, track, and basketball. Her very first job was working at Subway and during the rest of her high school year, she was a life guard. After high school, she attended Ohio State and played volleyball for them. She majored in pediatrics. After college, she first became a waitress, but then finally she became the pediatrician she always wanted to be. She married a man named Ryan, then moved back to her hometown Norfolk, NE and had two kids named Jack and Jill. Currently her hobby is running and yes, she does plan to continue with her career. She plans to travel anywhere she can.