Miss Smith's Newsletter

December News Letter

Hi Parents!

As we make our way towards winter break, I wanted to share with you some changes that I will be making to the classroom at the beginning of next semester. The consequence and incentive program I have been using in the classroom thus far is in need of some tweaking and I wanted to keep everyone updated.


Making the Classroom More Positive

This next semester, I will be focusing on promoting a more positive attitude in our classroom. To to this, I will be implementing more positive reward systems and pushing myself to positively reinforce behaviors in your students. I believe that positive consequences are more powerful than negative ones.


Second Chances!

I believe that all students deserve second chances when they misbehave. This next semester, I will implement warnings that will be given as paper sheets to students when they first misbehave. This will quietly alert the students on their misbehavior and give them a chance to take responsibility and correct their actions.