Environmental concerns in the Artic

Where I Stand By: Nicholas Mazzoli


Even though the Arctic is remote and sparsely populated, it is under attack from environmental stresses from distant regions. Three main interrelated issues regarding the Arctic environment are climate change, changes in biological diversity, and the accumulation of toxic substances. The effects of these changes are becoming more evident in the North. In addition, the Arctic appears to be accumulating big environmental change as well as changes in climate.


why we should pay taxes

when we pay taxes they can fix problems we have for example; when we pay taxes and the tax money goes towards getting rid of pollution and getting rid of garbage in the ocean. Also we should pay taxes because the money taken from the citizens goes towards bettering the economy and public resources.
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"Our vision for the Arctic is a stable, rules-based region with cleary defined boundaries, dynamic economic growth and trade, vibrant Northern communities, and healthy and productive ecosystems. This Arctic foreign policy statement articulates how the Government of Canada will promote this vision, using leadership and stewardship. It elaborates on Canadian interests in the Arctic and how Canada is pursuing these."

Also other laws that are being imposed like reducing green house gasses by promoting alternative transportation or carpooling for example taking transit to get to work or using the two people car lain on the highway, which reduces air pollution created by car and gas emotions. This reduce in air pollution helps prevent global warming and the melting ice caps secondly, in Canada we have the two recycle bins one for plastic and paper to reduce waist and pollution that can travel to the arctic thorough the ocean currents. Lastly,we can vote on who has a better understanding of the environmental issues and when he become leader from our votes he will impose new laws about the environment to help save the environment befoul its too late.

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Every ones green house gasses affect every one for example, people who create green house gasses from the south affect people in the north because the gasses goes into the atmosphere and circulates through out the plaint. we and all countries must work together to solve this epidemic or else it will cause major repercussions to our earth and our lives that is why it is an international problem and how we can fix it.

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