Charlie Chaplin

16 April 1889- 25 December 1977

Early Life

Born in London, his father abandoned him, his brother, and mother. Their mother was well known foe singing in operas. Charlie's career started when his mother lost her voice while performing and the manager pushed young Chaplin onto the stage. He won the audience over.

His mother was later diagnosed with a mental illness and was committed to an asylum. The boys were left to fend for themselves. Using their mother's old contacts they found jobs on the entertainment industry.

Charlie's Career

Early in his career he starred in Sherlock Holmes as a pageboy and he toured with a vaudeville group named Casey's Court Circus.

He got a break when he signed a contract with Matt Sennett and came to America. His first job in America was in a film titled Make a Living, the film was said to be rather forgettable. To set himself apart from other actors he made up an iconic character. Thus "The Little Tramp" was born. Chaplin made a number of films and became very famous after joining the Essanay Company. He hired his brother to be his business manager.


Charlie Chaplin made an iconic character and even filmed the first full length comedy movie.